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16 April 2014 - 06:26 AM

The kit I bought came with a case which fits everything you need.  You could get a laptop or tablet in it also.  The case would be ok in the larger International/Domestic carriers but no way it will fit in the smaller regional/puddle jumpers in areas like SE Asia.  You would have to Gate Check it.



In Topic: DJI Phantom GoPro helicopter

10 April 2014 - 06:15 AM

I bought one to play with some ideas.  Went with the Phantom 2 and the Go Pro Black +3.  I looked at other quadcopters that could lift larger cameras but the price quickly grows exponentially every time you go up in weight.  No problem hitting $6k.  For my purposes I figure the Gopros are getting so good who knows what the 5-6 version will be able to do.  JUST DONT CHANGE THE FORM!   Do buy a small practice quadcopter rather than one of the Computer based ones!  I never played video games and taking one of the little ones in real weather without GPS was excellent practice. Even when I got mildly proficient I still felt very nervous about what would happen when I took the the Phantom 2 out, especially over water. 


I went with this package from DSLR Pros http://www.dslrpros....US/Default.aspx


As advertised the Phantom is much easier to fly.  The little time I have had with it some of my concerns have been reduced.  More suggestions.  Do get a monitor!  I find it hard to see how the quadcopter is orientated the farther away it is so the monitor is a huge help.  Don't launch or land it in sand or fine dirt.  The motors are easily clogged up and they are not plug and play.  If you need to replace a motor you have to take the whole thing apart and do some soldering.  Do put on the Blade Guards.  When starting you will tip it over and helps protects the blades from breaking and hurting the motors when you jam them into the grass while still spinning;)


Quick piece of practice video, nothing special.



Otherwise looking forward to it not raining here so I can get it out more.

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27 March 2014 - 09:55 AM


In Topic: Help finding "Rules of Underwater Photography"

27 March 2014 - 06:52 AM

TD the trick is to get your spouse hooked on the hobby!  Got soooo lucky with that:)

In Topic: Help finding "Rules of Underwater Photography"

25 March 2014 - 05:39 AM

The following page has some we follow: http://www.aquablued...ticpages/pid/14


Our Guidelines to Nature Photography

  1. Always try to minimize our impact on the subject.
  2. We will not move, handle, coax or prod any animal to capture a “better” image.
  3. We will not move, handle or disturb any coral or other structure to get a “better” image of a subject.
  4. We will be very conscious of our buoyancy in an attempt to avoid coming in contact with the reef or bottom.
  5. Only one finger on the reef (dead section) to capture a image.* If this is not possible than we will forgo the image.
  6. If we see a fellow diver harming the reef or its creatures intentionally or by accident we will no longer keep silent. We will try, with as much tact as possible, to raise the subject of protecting that which we have all come to SEE!
  7. We will let guides know that we do not look for them to manipulate in any way the creatures and settings we have come to capture in pixels.