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In Topic: Sony A7r/s Nauticam

03 November 2014 - 07:12 AM

I have limited experience with the A7, Nauticam, Nikonas 15mm, and Zeis 24-70mm.  Really like the camera and once I got dialed into using the 15mm really liked it.  The 24-70mm was good for shark shots and I found the auto focus to work fine.  Now that the 16-35mm and 90mm macro are coming out this becomes a better UW system, IMHO.


Most of the wide angle shots in this Cocos Island gallery were taken with the a7 & Nikonas pairing.  Leave for the Solomons in two weeks and will give it another go.  



In Topic: Sony A7, Nauticam & Nikonos 15mm Lens shots

28 June 2014 - 08:36 AM

Have updated the gallery with photos taken with the RX100II, Nauticam housing, and Inon 100 Degree WA Lens.  Still really impressed with the RX.   Photos on the bottom of Page 1 (Shark in crack on) and all of Page 2  were taken the with RX100II.


In Topic: Macro Gear at Cocos Is.????

26 June 2014 - 05:18 AM

We just got back from Cocos, our third trip.  Undersea Hunter group is great, boats are all good and the crews are excellent.  But sadly El Nino has hit and the water was almost 80 degrees.  The people who did the sub ride said the same goes at the greater depths.  Most of the hammer heads we saw were down below 130'fsw.  Those were in pairs no big groups.  We did run into some schools in the open water around 50' but they were shy, typical, and no one got a decent photo of them.  We had been hoping to see the tiger sharks but they were also a no show.  Of course all the other great subjects are there, white tips, various schools of Jacks, the other group had dolphins and a school of silkies.  Cocos is famous for changing day to day so surely others will have more luck.

So you may want to bring something to do fish portraits even some macro.  We will go back but it pains me to say it but it will not be till El Nino is finished.

In Topic: Sony A7, Nauticam & Nikonos 15mm Lens shots

19 June 2014 - 05:44 AM

So the main issues, obviously, are getting the focus right and making adjustments to f stop.  Do you miss shots that an autofocus lens would get? Yes, a good one like the beloved Tokina 10-17mm.  Making adjustments to distance and f-stop were a bit cumbersome in that I had to turn the camera on it's side to read the settings.  The numbers are pretty small so I needed good light to see them.  It is said "your fins are your best zoom gear" that goes double in this situation.  Once you set the distance you have to keep that in mind. 


I tried to shoot at f.8 or higher to give me a little room if the focus was off a little.  The lens is sharp in the corners.  The Manual focus did work well in low light and low viz situations.  No hunting autofocus with grey sharks in murky water, just set the range and shoot.  On the other hand it really did not work well on the White Tip Night Dive, everything just moved too fast to get any decent shots.  


So in the end I am not in a rush to go out and buy a wide angle lens in the 15mm range when Sony or whomever comes out with one, the Nikonos works well.  Now if I was going to the Sardine Run...


Hopefully this weekend I will get out with the 24-70mm and see how that does.

In Topic: Raja Ampat, Indonesia from the Luxury Liveaboard, Arenui

18 June 2014 - 05:54 AM

Thanks Moses, to lazy to try to fix it, lol.  15mins is nothing, thats down from "our" version of 58mins!