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FS The perfect travel case and 2 Sea&Sea Duel Sync Cords

18 March 2015 - 08:18 AM

Have found the Storm Case 935 to be about the perfect carry on for travel. Will fit a complete 4/3, Mirrorless or compact system.  Including strobes*, arms, chargers, 2 ports*, etc...  This was the case I carried if all the other bags did not make the trip.  Will fit in all but the most minuscule overheads and if you have to Gate Check its super durable.  


Shows some minor wear and spots where Security, and Customs stickers have been peeled off.  But in perfect working order and has all the padded inserts.


New: $185 Sell: $95 or best offer




For sale 2 Sea & Sea Duel Sync Cords (5pin) both are like new.  I don't think I actually every used one of them.


New: $180 Sell $100 or best offer


Prefer US or Canada buyers, you cover shipping from Seattle WA Postal Code 98119.  Will refund in full if you have any issues with the items.  You pay return shipping.


Accept Pay Pal





How to charge a "major" sports equip manufacturer?? Not dive related.

14 March 2015 - 09:34 AM

So a company exec of a fairly major sporting line (not Nike big but products are used in Pro Leagues) happened across my website and asked if I would be interested in a "location shoot of their products in action?"  Ha! He assumes I actually know what I am doing and shooting underwater has anything to do with shooting on dryland.  They are sending me a story board of what they are thinking of, so I think I can hash out the shots needed.  Probably 2-3 days of work. No major travel.


Images will be used in their online/print promotions and on the physical packaging.  


Looked around the web and found the following:


Time $100 per hour

Processing Photos: $7-40 per hour

Wear and Tear on Equipment per Shoot: $30

Travel Costs: $1per mile

Other Costs, cds, postage, etc...: cost plus 25%


Anything else I should ask or take into account??  All and any input is welcome.

FS Sola 4000, Subsee +10, various items, low, low prices

05 March 2015 - 10:53 AM

All items are in good working order.  If you have any problem with them will refund your money in full, you cover return shipping.  Feel free to make offers.


Light & Motion Sola 4000 (4000 Lumens)

In good working order.  Comes with charger, filter, 3/4" Loc-Line and Ball Mounts

New: $1500 Sell: $299


Subsee +10 Diopter

Great working order

New: $225 Sell: $125


Sea & Sea Duel Sync Cords

Like New

New: $199 Sell: $99


Backscatter Macromate Diopter for Aquatica Flat Ports

Good working order

New$599 Sell: $100


Handle Pair 6" with 1" ball

New: $33 Each Sell: $45 for Pair


Clamps "Ultralight style"

In good working order

New $32 Each, Sell in Pairs: $32 for Pair


Light & Motion 3/4" Loc-Line base connections 

Sell the Pair: $15


Aquatica Locking Collar #18469

New in original package

New: $95 Sell: $45


Lightweight Strobe Arms

Measured from center of ball to center of ball

1 x9"

4 x5"

3x 3"

Sell all pcs in one package: $35


Not pictured

2x 7' custom made sync cords.  5pin to 5pin.  Good for all Sea & Sea strobes.  Made by Reef Photo: Sell $80 each

1x 20' custom made sync cord.  5pin to 5pin. Good for all Sea & Sea strobes. Made by Reef Photo: Sell $100


Will ship to US and Canada.  Will ship internationally but you must buy $400 of items minimum.  Shipping from Seattle WA USA, Postal Code 98119.  Please calculate shipping.  




Best Tablet, Light Weight device for travel?

26 February 2015 - 02:38 PM

Tired of lugging my 5lbs Macbook Pro when we travel.  On trips really just need something that can run Lightroom/Photoshop and has port for an external drive we can save 10days of photos and videos to.  On most trips I am just viewing and deleting.  All the editing happens once we get home.  An iPad would be great but no ports.  







Full Nauticam Sony a7 Package, plus other misc parts, lets make a deal!

17 February 2015 - 12:02 PM

Super deal on a near new, complete system.  The more you buy the bigger the discount.  Feel free to make offers.  Will try to sell as a set but will sell parts eventually.


All parts are in near perfect to perfect condition.  The whole system only has about 40 dives on it.  Any issues with any part and I will Refund You In Full, you cover return shipping.


Will ship to the US and Canada, buyer pays shipping.  Will ship internationally you are responsible for all duties and tariffs. International sales are Final.


Nauticam a7 Housing

With electrical bulkhead (Nikonos 5pin) , and Nauticam vacuum valve flood alarm.  Only has about 40 dives on it.

New $2850  Sell $1999


Nauticam 180mm Wide Angle Glass Port, Glass is in perfect condition.

New $1050  Sell $745


Nauticam N100 – 120 Port Adapter with port lock, like new.

New $420  Sell $300


Nauticam Zoom Gear for Sony Zeis 24-70mm, like new.

New $175 Sell $125


Nauticam 180 Degree Viewfinder.  Glass is in perfect condition.  Some minor age on body.

New $1050 Sell $800


Nikonos Adapter, like new.

New $420 Sell $290


Nikonos 15mm WA Lens, serviced as of 2/15 Glass is perfect.  In perfect working order.  Just serviced by Pacific Housing Repair.

Sell For: $500


2x Sea&Sea Duel Sync Cords.  Like new.

New $199 Each   Sell $140 Each


Sony a7, in perfect working condition.  Looks like new.  Small 1” hairline scratch on LCD.  Not noticeable when LCD is in use.  4800 shutter snaps. 

New $900 (Body Only)  Sell $725


Sony Zeiss 24-70mm lens, Like New.  Perfect Condition

New $685  Sell $565


Backscatter Macromate Flip Super Macro Lens for Aquatica.  Glass has some hairline scratches but none are visible underwater.  Shoot with it, don’t like it, will refund in full.

New: $599 Sell $159


I have most of the original packaging, body caps, lens caps and chargers for all items.


Please take the time to calculate shipping to your area from Seattle, WA USA Postal Code 98119.  Estimated weight for all items 17lbs.  Box Dimensions 30”x 22” x 15”




email: aquabluedreams@gmail.com

website: www.aquabluedreams.com