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In Topic: Olympus 60mm macro focus distance display.

Yesterday, 12:57 PM

Actually I remember seeing this kind of info in the Fuji x10 compact camera.  Actually it would be a nice information to have while you do macro I guess so you avoid scratching the domes :)

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27 November 2014 - 01:51 AM

 The flat port already sounds like a winner for macro already as it sports a 3cm focus distance at 24mm.  With the wide angle add-on (if it works well) you can have a huge range!  For super macro the CMC and voilà a super compact high quality machine with high flash sync...

What was shown at DEMA was a prototype housing and photos can be found in the Wetpixel DEMA review on the front page. The housing is smaller than an E-M5 housing, not larger. The housing also has the vacuum wiring and valve mounting point. A small dome can restore the original AOV of the lens lost behind the flat port. Also a flat port with 67mm threads for mounting the (also prototype) wide angle (110 degree) optical glass accessory lens. Popup strobe for fiber optic flash firing.

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12 November 2014 - 11:59 AM

yes it will work fine and very practical with the Nauticam diopter adapter for the 4" dome port,,,  

If I use this lens I now use it with the dome port and the very practical diopter adaptor for this port.

Also because my Macro button on the lens has stopped working !  :((

In Topic: Dome vs Wide Angle explain?

09 November 2014 - 04:04 PM


The 12-50mm lens will fit in the 4 inch semidome port from Nauticam (for the 9-18mm lens) but seems not to be able to focus between about 35-50mm.  It will give you more field of view than the flat port you currently have but can only be used at the wide end of the lens.


I have used it a few times in this configuration but had no problems whatsoever except some chromatic aberrations that can be cleaned afterward.  I found it more useful than behind the expensive and dedicated flat dome from Nauticam,,,

In Topic: Nauticam 3.5 versus 4.33 dome port for NA-EM5 housing

08 May 2014 - 01:26 PM

dont have a pool but the sea :crazy: ...  unfortunately i just started the dive season and have little time for now...  but will do more testing eventually.


Anyway Alex M.  did a test in the pool which showed both in the pool 


You can see the depth of field in the back of the pool improved by using the 4.33" but the CF of the 3.5" is fantastic...Corner sharpness seems Ok in all of my shots also.