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12-60mm leica lens underwater anyone?

10 February 2018 - 09:19 PM

I have the 12-60mm F2.8/4.0 leica panasonic lens.  It is a very good lens 

 and happy on dry lands!


However I am wondering how it would perform underwater with Nauticam compatible port.


Underwater I usually use and I am happy with the Pana 8mm FE and 60mm Oly macro options but quality in the mid range zooms is a struggle.   I see people happy with the Olympus 12-40mm.   Is the 12-60mm  F2.8/4.0  a good quality option?


I have been using sometimes both 9-18mm and 12-50mm lenses but I have never been happy with the range of the first one (quality just ok) and very unhappy with the quality of the second one (but range is very useful).






Strange idea: inon H100 with Dome on 30mm macro lens

09 April 2017 - 10:42 AM

I have various macro lenses and recently I purchased the Panasonic 30mm lens to get more FOV flexibility (the 60mm is sometimes to extreme at almost 150mm behind a flat port.


I also have the inon H100 set-up for wide angle on a compact.


I do not have the dome for the Inon H100 but I calculated that if I buy it and attach to the 30mm macro set-up (Nauticam 45) I would get the equivalent FOV of about 95°.   Basically equivalent to a 10mm M43 lens which has a nicely usable FOV if quality is good.


And if I detach  the Inon I get to use the set up as  macro lens...


Any thoughts as to how this would work?  The INON is designed for the 14mm (focal in M43) but it should work well at 30mm.