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Nauticam CMC-1 macro lens on flip adapters compatibility

14 September 2015 - 06:09 AM

I just purchased the CMC-1 macro lens from Nauticam.  I already own a number of ports and I also own the 4" dome port which I use more now with the 12-50mm lens and 60mm olympus macro.  

I have used successfully the UCL-02 I-Das macro on the flip adapter to get reasonable macro on the 50mm focal length and some super macro on the 60mm one.


However I expected the CMC-1 lens to fit as well and it does not as it protrudes back too much.  The extender included in the CMC-1 package would make it work but the outer ring does not allow it to screw it into the flip adapter (any flip adapter from Nauticam it seems as I tried on another 67mm one as well).  I attached a photo.


Has anybody tried this or found some adapter to allow extension to fit the CMC into any Nauticam flip port?