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Looking for inexpensive red focus/modeling light for night dives

18 March 2013 - 09:37 AM

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive focus/modeling light to be mounted to an Ikelite DSLR housing that comes with a red lens/filter or has the ability to easily add one without having to be jerry-rigged?  


When shooting at night (exclusively macro still photos, no video), I find that using the modeling lights on my Ikelite DS160 strobes brings in a ton of small plankton/krill.  I know that a number of the Sola lights offer this feature but they cost a lot more than I'm interested in spending.


Ideally I'm looking for something in the price range/size/power of the Fantasea Nano Focus Light or the BigBlue AL1X5MAFO (with the red lens/filter option that these seem to lack).