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In Topic: GH4 video using the Lumix G 30mm macro and V-Log L profile

19 October 2015 - 03:30 PM

Look great after graded, but I haven't seen it in 4K so not sure if there is lost of quality/noise increase. I think the biggest challenge is adding another labor intensive work flow of color grading, any challenge when viewing v-log underwater since everything is flat? How about wide angle?

Oh yea, I totally agree. What Panasonic has gone with the V Log update is turn the gH4 into a shooting like a cinema camera. Something most casual underwater video shooters are not familiar with. 


When you look at the V log monitor, and expose it correctly, it looks flat and overexposed.  You have to re train your expectations of what to look at in the monitor. Histogram use is required. Ideally a waveform monitor underwater is the way to go.. but lets get real. lol. 


The v log and required color grading is not for the casual shooter. It takes work and the benefits are subtle . I'm not sure if a youtube posted video shows its potential  but on my monitor and tv its noticeable.  


Using the V Log  color profile on the GH4 is like shooting a cinema camera, in that you have to understand how to expose it properly and post grade it in order to eek out the benefits. Its a whole different game.For some, it may not be worth it. For me, .. we'll.. I have nothing else to do in the evenings. 


It reminds me of my old still photo days of black and white using the "zone" system. For such you had to expose it for the desired shadow detail zone then develop it accordingly.


The same is true of any Log recording, you must know how to expose it, and also how to later in post manipulate it.. which I am learning. 



I'll be doing some wide angle tests in the next weeks.. stay tuned.