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For Sale: 2 Sea & Sea YS-110alphas, sync cords, and Sea &Sea Sea Arm VIi

01 August 2016 - 06:30 AM

2 YS-110 alphas. Great shape. $350 a piece shipped in US.

2 Sea & Sea sync cord. Great shape, no issues. $75 each shipped in US.

Sea & Sea Sea Arm VII with triple mount from Ultralight. $250 shipped in US.

Xit404 focus gear for canon 100mm L for aquatica. $200 shipped in US.

Feel free to make me an offer on any items. 06da79c334d763f6d1ed255fbd3e651e.jpg716344128ad7c122fc37419c81c80d12.jpg74982be93dcce49b698f6207f406085a.jpg03b50efdf2cfc4e4d99be409bda72400.jpgb5accc5512570f363563b05bac006941.jpge873bc04f89e6825502a6b762da152b4.jpgfe603045796e1363a228527b232a8aba.jpg20afaf4d9cf594aabfb790c87ecd74b2.jpg

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FS: Aquatica 5dMkII housing/ports

29 December 2015 - 12:07 PM

Great condition. Moved for work and have not had opportunity to use as much as I'd like.

Includes housing (w leak detector), 8" dome port, 8" port shade, 8" neoprene cover, manual focus macro port and macro port cover, ball mounts (3), extension for 100mm IS macro, extension for 17-40, zoom gear for 17-40. Also includes two full o-ring rebuild kits.

Asking $2,750 shipped worldwide. Open to offers or potentially single items. Also have carry-on Pelican into which all of this plus arms, cables, etc. fit. Open to offers on case.


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