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RX-100 M2 and DMF focus mode - Images

11 November 2013 - 06:19 PM

I recently purchased a Sony RX100 M2 with Nauticam housing. I have two INON 165 lenses for macro. I read various discussions on-line regarding how to focus for best macro: Zoom to max. and manually focus while using diopters. On land, before I had a chance to dive with the rig I did some experimenting and tried the DMF setting. It seemed that once manually focused the manual focus distance was maintained even after auto focusing for WA.


I finally got to try my RX100 M2 rig out in the water. Four days in the California Channel Islands with Wetpixel and Bradley Photographic. I set the camera to DMF the entire trip and manually focused one time only on dry land with my diopters on. When in the water I moved in to the point where it looked in focus. Then, I half pressed to get a solid green auto focus indicator. Not every image was sharp due to various issues: 1.) I didn't always maintain my position due to surge 2.) I sometimes pressed too hard and took shots when the auto focus light was blinking. When all the issues aligned correctly the images were very sharp. Unfortunately, I only had good macro subjects to work on my last two dives so I didn't get to do a lot of experimenting. I was able to switch to WA and back without messing with the manual focus at all....for the entire 10 dives! I need to experiment more and pay more attention to how close I actually am to the critter using this method. It seemed to me I was at the distance I would expect for the diopters I was using.


Here are a few of my results. I don't recall if I used one or two of the Inon 165s for the nudibranch photos but I do know this was on my 10th dive and I had not touched the manual focus since prior to dive 1. Yet, when I moved in close there was a point where I could see focus.


Has anyone else used this technique successfully?


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Recsea Sony RX 100 owners, questions

27 July 2013 - 12:17 AM

Handling this housing in the store with cold water gloves on it seemed pressing the dial over the menu buttons on the back also resulted in turning of the dial. Also seemed like it might be tough to press it just right. What are your real world experiences with this?

I was also told the crevices in and around the back menu button trend to collect and not easily release sand. Real world problems with this?

What do you like and not like about the Recsea?

Has anyone used the quick release rings for the wet mate lenses?

Nauticam Sony RX-100 users I have questions

24 July 2013 - 04:40 PM

Just came back from looking at the Nauticam and Recsea for the  Sony RX`-100. Even took my gloves in with me.  I found I did not like the feel of the shutter release on the Recsea even though it has several features I like. The Nauticam I found the dial that controls the f-stop and shutter speeds was too close to the thumb hold causing me to move it just moving my hand around a bit.


In California we pretty much always have surge so I do a lot of one handed photography holding my rig in my right hand and one finger to stabilize on a rock with my left hand. I can't see being able to do that without moving that dial. Are people having trouble with this? Does the camera possibly have a way to change to function of that dial and move f-stop/ shutter control to a different dial?


Sony RX 100 question

22 July 2013 - 04:06 PM

I may have to get a new underwater rig and have been considering the Sony RX 100 with Nautica housing.

In reading reviews someone mentioned the battery must be charged in the camera. Yet, in the Un-boxing of the RX100 M2 video posted in another thread he says the battery is the same as the original and shows that it can be removed. If it is removable it would seem an external charger would be available.

So, can someone tell me what is so regarding the battery? And, if it must be charged in the camera how long does it take to charge when nearly depleted and how many underwater photos are you getting on a charge?

Tetra 5050 parts needed

17 July 2013 - 04:55 PM

The bulkhead on my Light and Motion Tetra 5050 is shot , (part that plugs the sink cord for the strobe into the housing) Does anyone have a spare bulkhead or possibly a Tetra 5050 you want to get rid of? The bulk head is no longer made. Neither Backscatter or Light and Motion has any leftovers.

Alternatively, I can get a wet link type bulkhead if someone has a wet link cable you would be willing to sell.