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In Topic: Canon D60 and S&S Housing Setup

04 March 2005 - 08:07 AM

Yeah, I'm about 12 months too late to catch any real interest, at least at any decent price. I'll probably see what eBay has to offer then just keep the whole setup and start over.

Email me with which manuals you are missing, if I can find them easily I might be able to scan them if you want.

In Topic: My 70-180 on Ebay

05 January 2005 - 01:29 PM

Hey James, you're smart to get all this out of your system before you get married

:( too funny (and true).

In Topic: Seacam or Subal for 1ds/1dsm2

04 January 2005 - 07:58 AM

Forgot about the Gates, thanks for that.

As for the S&S, it's $6k, and for that price I'd rather just buy a Subal or Seacam. :(

In Topic: Seacam or Subal for 1ds/1dsm2

04 January 2005 - 06:23 AM

I still think Ike's the best chance of getting a reasonably priced housing for the 1D, but I think volume is a concern because the housing won't easily fit into the existing housings. I wonder if he'd do it if there were more than 1 or 2 people willing???

Ike, are you listening???? :(

In Topic: Selecting DSLR Canon D20 vs Nikon D70 vs Olympus e1

04 January 2005 - 05:02 AM

Well, at the risk of being branded an Ikelite dealer (:(), I'd also second Peter's recommendation for a 20D in an Ikelite housing. Great camera, very functional and reliable housing, and eTTL flash until you are ready to learn to shoot manual flash.