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In Topic: sigma lens

19 January 2010 - 05:21 AM

Hi Kent

Cannot compare to Olympus lenses as I have never had that system but I use the Sigma 150 with my Canon set up. It is a super lens in my opinion and very sharp indeed. I have seen many similar views. The only slight drawbacks to me are size and weight.

However, isn't yours a crop factor camera which would effectively double the focal length of this lens? If so, it would be far too much focal length for underwater use.

Hi yes ist tru me oly camera crop 2 so its doubel the focal length regards kent

In Topic: Shooting with a C-8080

10 April 2009 - 12:44 AM

Hey all,

I'm just wondering if anyone on here shoots with an Oylmpus C-8080 and the Oylmpus PT-023 housing? My girlfriend and I are flying out to dive fiji on Easter Sunday from Sydney.
Apon checking her housing last night (thurs) we found that the larger of the 2 rear seals has stretched and we cant get it to seat into the housing groove anymore. Well we can but not with greese on.

My massive Question is.....
Does anyone in Sydney or the central or south coast use this housing and would be an absolute savior and sell, lend or help in anyway with this rear seal. I dont care how far I need to drive or pay, I just need to fix this problem before Sunday morning.
As today (friday) is a public Holiday and tmw is a weekend the shops are closed.. You guys are our only hope...
Our 9 day dive trip depends on it.


Note to Admins:
I apoligse about the post being in all categories but I really need as many veiwers as I can. I will remove all posts on Saturday night if you allow them to stay up till then.
Thank you.


try to get the o-ring in to the groove then put som grease on it
and check the housing in a sink or pool if you can for leak
rember this you dont have to take out the o-ring after every dive
for inspection. let the o-ring stay in the groove and ckeck it if the
o-ring is clean from sand dirt hair

hope this hint going to help

regards kent