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Anilao - Biodiversity and Dive Guide

14 September 2015 - 08:14 PM

Dear friends,


I am very pleased to present the results of a long time fascinating work and dream. My newly published book entitled “Anilao - Biodiversity and Dive Guide”.


This unique hard cover book shows the great biodiversity in Anilao waters with more than 350 amazing pictures from contributing international underwater photographers in 288 full color pages with the aim of helping snorkelers and scuba divers to have a quick reference of the most common marine species that one can encounter while diving and taking underwater stills and video footage around Anilao. It also covers, with detailed information and graphics, the 54 dive sites in Anilao plus 3 more dive sites around nearby Verde Island, an area considered the center of the center of the coral triangle.


A truly ideal destination for underwater photographers and videographers looking for macro and muck diving opportunities but also with great wide angle sceneries around its healthy and colorful coral reefs.


Please visit the website for more information!


Thank you very much  :)