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Experience with Fun Azul Fleet?

12 October 2014 - 07:18 PM

Anyone have experience with the M/V Valentina out of La Paz, MX for Sea of Cortez diving?  Its with the Fun Azul Fleet there. Better suggestions for a Sea of Cortez trip?

Advice on a Subsee holder

24 July 2014 - 06:17 PM

I have a Nexus MP60 port that I want to attach a Subsee 10+ wet lens.  The port is just over 100 mm in diameter.  I think mine is about 104mm.  I could buy the adapter from Subsee but wondering about what advice those on this site offer.  I like the option of removing/using the wet lens easily.  I plan to use 105mm Nikon lens with it.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

Advice on How to get Close

01 March 2014 - 08:29 PM

Reading the most current Alert Diver and the experience of a recent dive trip further ingrained methods for getting close to subjects.

I live far from the ocean and only get to dive a few times per year.  So when it happens, excitement is at a high and recent experience is at a low.  I sometimes have to re-learn what I already should know but the lessons apply to us all.


Grand Turk has a significant number of Nassau Groupers and I wanted to get some nice photos of them.  Early in the week with wide angle lens on, the groupers would just not let me get into position for a good composition.  I was not chasing them but still my movements caused them to be nervous.  It was a bit frustrating.


Later in the week, I moved to a macro setup and started spending considerable time playing peek-a-boo with gobies.  Its just flat out fun to try and get a goby peaking over coral with a dark background or some curious angle and lighting.  When I would get good and engrossed with the gobies, time would stand still and my movements would essentially stop.  When I would ease back from the goby and coral, often a large grouper would be very close to me, watching me watching the goby.

So when the wide angle lens was back on, I slowed down as if shooting a goby.  A grouper came over to see what this big blob was doing hanging around and not moving much, allowing a photo.

So if you are a beginner, or just been out of the water a while and acting like a beginner, likely you are moving too fast for most subjects.  Perhaps this makes you look more like a predator to them.  Very slow motion might cause them to become more curious.


Peek-a boo with a goby




eye to eye with a curous grouper.  I have to move away to get this shot as he was too close for more than an eyeball shot at first.



And finally a reasonably decent grouper shot..





Grand Turk Trip report and pics

22 February 2014 - 09:05 PM

Its amazing how a short puddle jump can take you to a different world.  Provo reminds me of visiting southeast Florida – expensive condo’s, construction, Bob’s IGA grocery, 40 ft plus dive boats with 30 divers, a massive beach with plenty of people, competition for lounge chairs in the shade.


Take the short flight to Grand Turk and you step into another world.  Small dive boats with 2-6 people, diving 5-10 minutes from the beach, unique dining in small facilities, grocery stores that carry unexpected items, wild burros wondering around. A crowd on the beach means you can see two other people.  Lovely trees provide shade on the beach if you want it with no competition.


This was my second trip to Grand Turk and again staying at Osprey Beach Hotel and diving with Oasis Divers.  There are a handful of dive shops on Grand Turk and based on reviews I read and people I met, all provide good service and similar diving.  I liked Oasis last trip so stuck with them again.


A dive guide can make or break a dive trip and I was fortunate to have Craig.  Good pre-dive briefings, good with your gear and someone you like immediately.  He was good at finding small critters, my favorite being quillfin blennies and jawfish with eggs.  We saw three different quillfins during the week.  Craig was comfortable with me diving my computer, the slow movement and low air consumption of a photographer.  His skill stood out when we had a pair of beginner divers join us later in the week.  He kept their pace slow and we dropped them off at the boat after 45 min when they were low on air.  He and I kept going for 40 minutes more while they were safely in the boat.  The newbies and I were all happy with the arrangements.  Not all dive guides can figure out how to make that work.


Dives start at the beach, a 5-10 min boat ride on calm, clear water.  Usually dropping to 70-80 ft on vertical walls then working back on top of the reef eventually leading to 25-40 ft near the boat.  Surface intervals are back at the dive shop beach, allowing a run back to the hotel if desired then off for another short boat ride and dive.  The dive shop has rinse tanks and storage for gear.


I did find the perfect way to get close to Nassau Groupers.  Put on wide angle gear and they keep their distance.  Put on a 105 macro setup with red spotting light then settle in on a goby for a few minutes.  When you ease back from the goby, there was often a grouper watching me take the shots, usually within 18-24 inches but sometimes closer.  Then they let me photo them all I want, which is fine if you are looking for grouper eyeball shots.


Pics reside at:


Diving Grand Turk

05 February 2014 - 05:47 PM

Diving Grand Turk this week and hard to imagine it better.

Perfect weather, Good dive guide with only myself or one other person on the boat, listening to singing Humpbacks migrating past on each dive, many fish and lovely coral. and so far only one lionfish.


A plus for today, my first halfway decent pic of a Rock Beauty.  They always keep out of decent camera range on me.  For some yrs I have not even tried a photo of them but today, one just let me glide on up and let me get a 1/2 way decent shot.

A lovely sailfish blenny today as well but in a place that just did not allow a great shot but could manage some shooting.


Its like going back in time here.  Many things no available this week, maybe next week but nothing critical.  No O2 for nitrox mixes, no chicken at one restaurant, no bug spray at one place, etc. but its part of being off the main track so no worries with any of it.


Web connections are so slow, waiting to share pics and post a trip report until later.