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Compass handling - do you? How do you?

24 November 2014 - 12:02 PM

I am headed to Bonaire this winter for a couple of fun weeks of diving.  Normally, I never seem to need a compass for diving.  I seem able to follow the reef to/from the boat as needed so far for 20+ yrs but thinking I would like to have a compass for the bonaire trip.  Last time at Bonaire I did not need one but thinking about having one this time.  Please do not turn this topic/info request into a lecture on compass use, etc.


I use an air integrated dive computer but it has no compass and I have no plans to replace it.  Seems connecting a compass to the housing system somehow might be useful - better than figuring out how to arrange using one on the wrist, in my hand via retractor or other wise.  I saw a 2012 entry here where one person connected a compass to the housing handle.

I know the routine for wrist mounted compass when both hands are free but that is not the world I/we dive in.


How do you arrange doing compass readings and following a direction while handling your camera gear?

Where do you keep the compass while diving?


I use a Nauticam D7000 housing with ULCS arms.  Currently using a back inflation BC and thinking of changing to backplate and wings.  This likely has no influence on how I handle a compass but keeping it complete for those with specific methods/connections with their gear.


Thanks for ideas/information in advance.





Bonaire dive buddy, January 2015

16 November 2014 - 06:46 AM

Looking for a dive partner at Bonaire for the last 2 weeks of January, 2015.

I plan on mostly macro photography so someone comfortable with that pace would be great, whether a photogrpher or not.



Experience with Fun Azul Fleet?

12 October 2014 - 07:18 PM

Anyone have experience with the M/V Valentina out of La Paz, MX for Sea of Cortez diving?  Its with the Fun Azul Fleet there. Better suggestions for a Sea of Cortez trip?

Advice on a Subsee holder

24 July 2014 - 06:17 PM

I have a Nexus MP60 port that I want to attach a Subsee 10+ wet lens.  The port is just over 100 mm in diameter.  I think mine is about 104mm.  I could buy the adapter from Subsee but wondering about what advice those on this site offer.  I like the option of removing/using the wet lens easily.  I plan to use 105mm Nikon lens with it.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

Advice on How to get Close

01 March 2014 - 08:29 PM

Reading the most current Alert Diver and the experience of a recent dive trip further ingrained methods for getting close to subjects.

I live far from the ocean and only get to dive a few times per year.  So when it happens, excitement is at a high and recent experience is at a low.  I sometimes have to re-learn what I already should know but the lessons apply to us all.


Grand Turk has a significant number of Nassau Groupers and I wanted to get some nice photos of them.  Early in the week with wide angle lens on, the groupers would just not let me get into position for a good composition.  I was not chasing them but still my movements caused them to be nervous.  It was a bit frustrating.


Later in the week, I moved to a macro setup and started spending considerable time playing peek-a-boo with gobies.  Its just flat out fun to try and get a goby peaking over coral with a dark background or some curious angle and lighting.  When I would get good and engrossed with the gobies, time would stand still and my movements would essentially stop.  When I would ease back from the goby and coral, often a large grouper would be very close to me, watching me watching the goby.

So when the wide angle lens was back on, I slowed down as if shooting a goby.  A grouper came over to see what this big blob was doing hanging around and not moving much, allowing a photo.

So if you are a beginner, or just been out of the water a while and acting like a beginner, likely you are moving too fast for most subjects.  Perhaps this makes you look more like a predator to them.  Very slow motion might cause them to become more curious.


Peek-a boo with a goby




eye to eye with a curous grouper.  I have to move away to get this shot as he was too close for more than an eyeball shot at first.



And finally a reasonably decent grouper shot..