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In Topic: d200 or canon 5d

02 January 2006 - 08:20 AM

Just a new spin on this - for me - very important thread.
I am following the discussion 5D vs. D200 with great interest and will hopefully be able to purchase one of the two next year :)

One of the reasons I waited for so long buying into dSLR was the crop-factor and the lack of real wide angle lenses. This, of course, is not a real problem nowadays with Nikon's really nice 10.5mm lenses and the upcome of designated crop-factor lenses. On the other hand it makes the decision somewhat harder for me (my reasoning was to wait for a full frame sensor to be able to use the wide end to its full potential). I was tending towards the 5D (the FF was always such a lure for me) but the D200 is also a very nice alternative. Since I don't have any investement in exisiting lenses, I am "free" to decide what I want (bummer). Unfortunately, I am also not a believer in "brand loyalty" and usually go instead by with what's best at the time. This really doesn't help in deciding for one system or the other.

As many others have already stated, there are now more important factors than just the sensor - and that's where I would really appreciate some good advice.
I will use the camera mostly for underwater and that's where the other points come into consideration:

-- viewfinder: I always thought that FF would be the best for UW because of the size of the VF and cropped sensor cameras really lack in this respect. The D200 seems to be very close in terms of dimensions and I don't know if there is really so much difference left.

-- ergonomics: which system is better suited for UW? In terms of button placements, direct access to essential functions etc. Which camera will have more/better features?

-- 2nd curtain sync (something I would love to toy with)

-- compatibility to strobes (I especially like the Inon strobes and would love to keep my Z220. If the camera would support the focus laser - now that would be something).

-- TTL compatibility: I know a lot of people will do manual, but I think that it shouldn;t be such a problem to support the protocols properly. Which camera system is more likely to be supported (either natively or via adapter)?

-- picture quality and details

-- Autofocus and focus tracking. Which of the two systems would be better suited for, say the famous coming right at you or the seal zipping in and out?

-- dynamic range: I thought that the FF sensor would give a real boos in DR, but from looking at some tests, it doesn't seem to be that much better. It'd be really nice to get these sunballs without the need of additional tricks and tweaks.

-- reliability: I expect both cameras to hold up a number of years. But there might be something to general build quality and handling that's inherent to the respective system.

-- finally price and investment: The 5D is more than twice as expensive as the D200. However, I am considering this as a long time investment (I don't think I will be able to make a huge amount of money from my pictures but I LOVE being under water and taking them. I also really like my daytime job (ha - who can say that??) and don't want to give it up either) and am willing to put alot of time and effort into learning how to handle and use the system (I am not easily put off by failure and since this will be my first dSLR - NOT my first UW system - I fully expect to have a long and hard learning experience :lol: ). If I decide for the 5D and it means the lenses are more expensive (housing and ports of course as well), then I will just slowly get into it, learning how to use each lens properly, find it's limits and generally wait a year or so until I can convince myself to get another one. Of course if I can afford several lenses with the D200 from start, I would not complain and just have to get into the water more often ;)

So what it boils down to is what camera would be the better UW system? Which camera will take the better pictures (I know that 90% of the picture will be in my hands, but it certainly helps if the camera provides the last 10%) in terms of color, clarity, detail, etc?
Or does it really not matter that much and the housing and its support are much more cucial?

This has been a rather long post, but for someone like me who's sitting on the fence trying to make up his mind which system to get (no matter what, it'll be a real chunk of money I have to part from) it's rather painful to decide and getting some sound advice would really help.

Thanks and happy new year to all of you!

In Topic: how to find the right diopter

01 June 2005 - 10:04 AM

WOW - great pictures! That's what I was looking for B)

Already searching on ebay for some diopters! :D

Now I just have to built myself a frame that'll fit my rectangular port - that's what the weekend is for - right?

In Topic: how to find the right diopter

01 June 2005 - 08:00 AM

Hi Lyn,

that sounds like a really good alternative. Although, I am surprised that this works - I would have thought that air-lenses would have a different cut than water (wet) lenses (?). - I assume you used them as wet "mount" lenses? The bigger thread would certainly help with abberations...

I'll look around and see if I can find a +4 or +10 to toy around :D

In Topic: how to find the right diopter

23 May 2005 - 01:32 PM

Hi James,

thanks for the info. I saw some earlier threads regarding the customized caps. Unfortunately Amphibico decided to use a rather unusual square mount. An accessory lens sits in a frame that snaps into place. So I guess my only chance is to somehow place the lens element into a plastic framework that fits into this square mount.
Hmm - this sounds much more like a winter project than one you would want to do when the season starts kicking in :blink:

In Topic: Complete Ikelite D70 Setup

06 April 2005 - 08:01 AM

Thanks - will wait for the PM :)