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FS: Sony F717 complete system

11 December 2005 - 07:48 AM

I am selling my setup for two reasons: we are moving in a few week overseas so we have to downsize a bit and I want to upgrade to dSLR in the mid-term future.

I have taken a lot of good pictures with this setup and I am sure you will have a lot of fun with it. The Amphibico housing is oputstanding - superb build quality and lenses have great optics.

Here's the camera setup:
Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-F717 (lens 2.0 - 2.8)
1 GB Memory stick (room for 400 pictures)
3 batteries plus charger
Set of +2,+4, and +6 closeup lenses
Carrying bag,
ND filter +2 and +4
UV filter (sits on the camera as default filter to protect lens)
58mm linear Polarizer

Housing: Amphibico Surveyor II, modified so that Macro button is accessible underwater - great for fishportaits, because the camera has a much faster AF in regular mode. Marco mode is needed for, well Macro and the Wide angle lens. Marine grade Aluminum housing, double O-rings, Flatport
Amphibico Light Sensor Device, emulates TTL
Amphibico 80 degree wide-angle lens. This lens is really nice. Wet mount, nearly fully zoom-able, incredible DOF, and its made from a massive block of glass.
Custom WA lens holder for under water.
Custom Macro port. Can take any 72mm filter, currently equipped with +10 macro lens.
58 mm Redfilter for available light photography, screws on the camera and goes in the housing

Custom made buoyance compensation system. Very flexible - great to make the camera neutrally buoyant for extreme macro shots.

ULCS strobe arm system:
Base tray
8 inch arm
2 clamps
strobe adapter

Ikelite substrobe MV (got it used, works great, battery compartment shows some signs of wear)
Ikelite slave strobe adapter (for use with Substrobe MV)
Ikelite slave strobe (throwing in for free - may run as optical slave)

Pelican 1550 case with plugfoam (OK as carry-on)
2 layers of unused foam

Tools, grease, replacement O-rings, and other small stuff one needs

All piece show little or no sign of wear, glass port, lenses and add-on filters have no scratches. Housing was NEVER flooded and is in excellent condition. For more details on the Amphibico parts, just visit their website. Camera just came back from factory and received a complete overhaul and re-calibration.

Asking US$2.500 plus shipping for the complete set.
PM me and I will send you pictures of the system and sample pics.

I am located in NC, USA - in case you prefer local pickup vs. shipping.


how to find the right diopter

23 May 2005 - 11:27 AM


I was wondering if someone would happen to know if there are any large (in diameter) wetmount diopters out there.
I use a Sony 717 in an Amphibico housing (58 mm lens threat) - unfortunately Amphibico discontinued this housing, so I am on my own to "improve" it further on. :blink:
On of the things I wish I had, is a wetmount diopter for macro shots. I can fit a single-element +4 diopter into the housing, however, the lens distortion is quite significant, plus I am bound to use the +4 for the whole dive.
My idea is to get a wetmount diopter lens and built a frame around, so that it will fit to the housing mount.
I just read about Woody's diopter, but I couldn't find any reliable specs on it (some say it's +2, others think it's +3 or +4, or the diameter of the lens).
Are there any alternatives out there?

Any help or ideas how to build your own would be highly appreciated :huh:


Suunto Cobra plus SK7

27 March 2005 - 02:13 PM

I am selling a used Suunto COBRA dive computer. This air integrated NITROX dive computer comes with the Suunto SK7 compass.
The dive computer is in a very good condition and has only a few minor marks on the housing due to regular usage.
PM me for questions or pictures and close-ups.
It has a brand new battery with less than 10 dives on it and the protective screen has also been replaced not too long ago. The unit is fully functional and has been last used in January/February this year.
This setup sells for nearly $800 at your local dive shop and is an excellent recreational and advanced dive computer. Get it now for the new diving season!
I was treating myself to a technical dive computer and have to sell this one to make up for the costs.

Asking price for Cobra alone $430 and Cobra plus SK7 $470 (obo).