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The best WA combo for 8in port in FX format

06 March 2016 - 10:41 AM

Dear all!
I know that the topic of wide angle lens' choices for FX has been looked at multiple times on this forum. However, I think I am even more confused than before I started researching the issue. I was hoping that you folks can give me an advice on what is the best WA lens to use on Nikon FX (D810) behind the 8in Aquatica port. I already own Nikon 14mm 2.8D and Nikon 16-35 VR. It seems that no one likes the results of these lenses behind the 8in dome. I am getting ready to switch from DX to FX. Almost certainly will continue to use Nauticam housing and would like to keep my Aquatica ports with adapter. Prefer to stick with the 8in as I already own one and have travel/packing figured out. Currently I use Tokina 10-17 on Nikon D7000 and am happy with the results. I do want to use FX and don't want to use this lens for my new setup. I do not mind buying a different WA lens like Sigma 15 fisheye or Tokina 17mm, but wanted to hear more opinions and see samples (good, or bad).

Thank you very much in advance.