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In Topic: FOR SALE: Cleaning Closets- Lots of Camera Gear

30 June 2009 - 04:02 PM

I'll take the Pelican case. I will message you also. Thanks!!

Pelican case #1400 orange new in box and foam insert $25

Barry Guimbellot
Dallas, TX
barryag at creativeillusionsphoto dot com

In Topic: Sony HD Camera to Apple computer to Sony blue-ray to Sony HD TV???

28 December 2008 - 07:34 AM

Well, I hope to here some good answers on this also! I am running a Sony HC-7 in a Gates housing. Right now I am using Final Cut Express for editing and then burning to DVD or running it back to the camera and then plugging the HDMI cable from the camera to my HD TV and it really looks GREAT! I really want to get this going to disc at some point.

I can answer a couple of your questions...If you haven't used any editing software before, you might find iMovie 08 usable...if you have any editing experience, I think it might drive you mad!!! I really like Final Cut Express. It takes a little while to really learn all of what it's capable of, but it really is a great product!!

The Blue-Ray burner you linked to does not list the MAC as a compatible computer...It may still work, but there may not be compatible drivers. I would love to see a list of BD burners that are compatible with MAC!! I know that Toast Titanium 9 with the BlueRay plugin will work for the burning software.

Your flowchart looks good, we just need to the right pieces of the puzzle...mainly the BD part.