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In Topic: Apple announces Final Cut Pro X for $299

14 April 2011 - 01:34 PM

There is some interesting information and opinions on the New Final Cut Pro... and what might follow on Larry Jordans Blog at: http://www.larryjord...odies/blog.html
Larry is one of the guys who started the rumors flying when he announced that he had seen the new final Cut Pro back in February and that it was going to be a "Jaw dropper"!

As someone who has been sitting on the fence for most of the past year... waiting to see what Apple would do before deciding to go the Final Cut or Premier route... this makes it an easy decision!

All of a sudden the past year spent playing around with iMovie... for lack of any other sandbox to play in... doesn't seem like a total waste of my time anymore! And I can just add other software as I need it... whether it comes from Apple or other software companies like Adobe or Red Giant!