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In Topic: Stuck pixels wrecking video

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Not an expert - just trying to think it through.


It looks like you have "boxed" a number of the spots you consider problematic, and "arrowed" the most objectionable one.


I realize your camera has a built-in self-cleaning mechanism for the sensor. It looks a lot like there may be some specks stuck to the sensor that the built-in cleaner can't get rid of. A big clue would be to note whether the spots stay in the same places for two or more different scenes. If so, I'd bet on the sensor being contaminated.


If you have access to a shop you trust, you could take it in for inspection and perhaps cleaning. I've done the cleaning myself a few times, but it is a very delicate process with the possibility of damaging the sensor. You can search WetPixel and/or the web to find out more.


If the spots move around from one scene to another, I'm stumped, unless they are somehow related to reflective surfaces having a kind of "red-eye" effect.



In Topic: Stuck pixels wrecking video

24 April 2017 - 11:59 AM





Almost sounds like something I'd get if there was a "blown out" or overexposed spot in the video. Don't ask how I know this.


Could you post a frame capture to give a better idea of what you're describing? Two or three might be better.



In Topic: Best Bonaire Sites for Macro + Wide Angle

15 April 2017 - 04:25 AM



Macro is almost everywhere on Bonaire. Lots of shrimp, crabs, things in and around anemones etc etc Going really slowly and looking at very small scale could even net you a new species! Jawfish, some even with eggs, are possible at places like Something Special and lots of others. And of course sailfin blennies, seaweed blennies etc etc wherever you find them.


Wide angle would include several small sunken boats (e.g., the tugboat at about 100' at Front Porch/Bari Reef, one in front of Captain Don's etc) and also the Hilma Hooker on a clear viz day if you are lucky.


Ask when you arrive and you'll probably get other good suggestions.


Have fun,



In Topic: A nasty Honduran surprise

05 April 2017 - 04:51 PM

Curious as to why no one addressed the two salient points:


a:) Why do divers have to be subjected to this scrutiny but not the cruise ship passengers? Internal political/cruise ship company payoffs?

b:) Why are these scrutineers requiring more than the US does? If foreigners come to the US are they required to give up as much personal data as the Hondurans require? Or is it just "because they can" intimidate foreigners?


What other countries require this level of data?


Been lots of places; never had this kind of scrutiny and abuse (3-1/2 hours in line etc). Not going back to experience that again - you certainly may feel it's OK.


Not trying to tell anyone what to do. Just trying to warn those who go to Roatan what to expect - unless you are going on a cruise ship. I did say this was our 4th trip there; this time it was a nasty surprise...



In Topic: Pigmy Pipehorses of Bare Island

29 January 2017 - 05:21 AM





I infer the +4 diopter was directly on the camera and not on a flip-out holder?