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Why I don't cave dive (+link to BBC article)

09 May 2016 - 12:08 PM

This adventure and the movie made from it explains in great detail why I have no desire to do any cave diving!




These guys live on a different planet to the one I inhabit LOL



Light & Motion: really bad service

01 September 2015 - 03:29 PM

I have two Sola 4000 lights which were giving decreasing burn times.


I e-mailed Light & Motion (L&M) asking about replacement batteries and was told the Sola 4000 lights are obsolete and no more batteries or printed circuit boards are available.


They then offered a trade-in against their new 8000 lumen light. I asked if I could trade both 4000s on one 8000 and was told OK you can do that, so I shipped the lights, chargers and filters to them.


When my lights arrived at L&M I got a phone call saying they would not trade two lights against one - a major disappointment; they would see what they could do about repairing the 4000s at no charge. So I said if you can't do the trade you promised, I need the 4000s back by next Saturday the 22nd to take on a dive trip. They shipped the lights on the 14th as near as I can tell from their e-mails. The 4000s arrived two days after I left town, on the 24th.


These are at least two really unnerving "don't care" or "can't figure out how to do customer service" errors stacked together. In addition, every time I replied to an e-mail, I received back their trade-in letter in triplicate, sometimes addressed to me, most times to someone else; a heavy confusion factor from what seems to be a broken web site.


Since I had similar problems last year with faulty service on housings, I quit. No more L&M for me. I started with their Stingray housing in the 90s, so this isn't a short-term decision.


Had to be said.


End of rant.