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In Topic: Sony a7s and MWB

18 August 2015 - 08:21 AM

Oh yes I forgot to add that you should also try overexposing the scene before MWB.   This is from the Sony Help guide:


  • Setting [ITU709(800%)] or [S-Log2] may cause an error in the white balance custom setup. In that case, set the exposure bright first and then perform custom setup.


If you have the time, switch to a B/W PP, overexpose by 1+ stop then MWB, then switch back to S-Log.  It's a stupid bug that still hasn't been fixed but hey, it's still gorgeous video.

In Topic: Sony a7s and MWB

18 August 2015 - 03:45 AM

Are you in PP7 (with S-Log)?  There's a bug that doesn't allow proper MWB when using PP7.  Switch to any other PP, MWB then go back to PP7 if that's what you want.  If that doesn't work, then just lock it in  a custom profile with a preset (done before hand or custom the color depth).  Underwater auto is ok if the shooting conditions don't change, but as you have discovered, any change in light and it adjusts.  Worse comes to worst, lock it in daylight and deal with it in post.

In Topic: Global shutter

03 August 2015 - 11:24 AM

As mentioned all of the internet since CMOS took over CCDs as the "standard" sensor for the video market, there are a couple usual problems a rolling shutter may have underwater:

1.   Strobe light capture can mess up exposure duration, so you get partial frames of different exposures.  If you dive alone without "pesky" strobe shooters, it's not a problem.

2.   fast movements by camera.   Jerky motion like what you'd see on cellphone videos is a rolling shutter issue, but the newer CMOS sensors have reined in that distortion quite while.  Since it's not that easy to move the housing that quickly underwater, it's not usually an issue.  However, it is possible to induce it if you really try hard.  Same for subjects which move very fast.  I've used  CMOS on bullet like tuna and if there is any RSE, it's negligible.


There are other issues like high gain switch noise effect, but that's usually more for smaller sensors than S35 and more.

In Topic: Sony AX100 autofocus problem

23 June 2015 - 02:54 AM

If it worked before but is having difficulty after the update, I suggest you downgrade the firmware if you don't need the updates.  Sometimes it also helps to focus on a lighter subject of equidistance then lock it down, then recompose.

In Topic: Best shore diving around Bali or Area

23 June 2015 - 02:45 AM

Agreed.  The setup at Tulamben is best for easy shore diving even if the rocky shore can be a dome port (or ankle) hazard in rough water.  You have a variety of sites like the wreck, sandy bottom, wall, coral fields all within reach.
My budget buddies usually stay at the Paradise, a decent if a bit old and run down place.  For $30 a night, you can't ask for much more.   They have a dive ops which will supply tanks.  You just have to arrange for the porter ladies to lug it down to the beach for you depending on where you want to dive.  If you are looking for tiny subjects, I'd suggest you hire a guide or dive with an ops like Tulamben Wreck Divers who have experienced guides for photogs looking for tiny things.  Or just have a 20x glass magnifier and try your luck with a stick.
The cheap, good and simple food of Wayan is still a fave of mine.  Enjoy your trip! It's a wonderful place to dive a week away.