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In Topic: Swimming with whales in Azores?

17 August 2016 - 11:27 PM

So now they’ve just straight out offered you a permit for a price?  So much for permit application vs just paying to get that privilege.

But yes, if you get lucky and have cetaceans which are playful, it can be awesome.  Depends on your luck.  I’ve had blown out days, bad days and unhappy animals that just run from anything human!

In Topic: ND Filter

13 August 2016 - 12:40 PM

One not so often mentioned use of the ND filter is to reduce softness caused by diffraction.  The AX100 has a 1” sensor, so diffraction will cause a softer pic by around f5.6, if not before.  So when you want to maximize resolution, shoot about 1 or 2 stops down aperturewise, around f4-5 wide open.  That and using the correct shutter speed means using the ND filter to control light.

In Topic: RIP Bob Cranston

04 June 2016 - 08:05 PM

RIP Bob!

In Topic: Indonesia Diving Location Recommendations

04 June 2016 - 08:00 PM

When you say budget, how much are you talking about?  The most convenient would be Bali.  Accommodations can go for even $40 a day (if you’re not too fussy) and depending on where you go, dives are in the $20-40 per dive range, depending on packages etc.  Obviously Tulamben is the place to be with a good variety of dive sites.  Then there’re the northern areas like Seririt, Pemuteran etc.  Bali is good for budget diving and a 2-3 dive day with accommodation will come in less than $150 even.  
Besides those well-trodden places mentioned above. there are some interesting off beaten path places which have good variety of diving.  Around Alor, you have nice walls and coral (although I’m no sure how the bleaching is this year.) as well as some very good macro.  I can’t tell you which resort to stay or which ops though, since I go there mostly with liveaboards but I do know there are a few resorts and temp trips which go out there during your time frame.  Pricewise, I’d put it in the $200+ per day range. Most of them have some sort of unlimited house reef dives scheme.
Way off the beaten path, there are a few places in Southern Sulawesi that hit the Wakatobi National Park (not the resort). For a real off the beaten path, a favorite of liveaboards going in/out of Maumere, Flores is Wodong Bay.  I have seen the beach cottages in the Wodong village itself, but never stayed there. Saw divers from the ops everytime we go there.  Nice macro and even a decent Japanese wreck.  There are backpacker places as well.  I just know the dive sites only and not the place that well.
Good luck!


In Topic: Mac Pro graphics card choices with Lightroom

22 May 2016 - 09:42 AM

If you are using a 5k monitor, GPU acceleration is more noticeable.  I don’t use LR but CC2015 PS, PP, AE and they all work much better with GPU acceleration, especially CUDA.  I don’t know if CUDA vs OPENCL is faster though for OSX.
If you use LR more often, then going with a CUDA Nvidia card would probably be faster, cos it is with my MP5.1 using PS.  But since you are using FCPX and I assume OSX.11/10, then you go also with the AMD R9 which are ROM flashed to work with macs.  CUDA isn’t great with the newer OSXes. Check out macvidcards for the R9.  Hope this helps.