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In Topic: I need to win a bet, what is the most popular DSLR

17 May 2010 - 12:34 PM

50D & 5DMKII (+ a G10 for my small setup)

In Topic: Transporting our DSLR Equipment with new restrictions

16 May 2010 - 09:43 AM

When I travel I pack my housings/strobes/ports/arms (and mask) in an Akona roller bag that meets carry on restrictions and fits in an overhead bin (except on smaller planes where I gate check it.) The loaded bag weighs in at JUST under 40lbs. I pack the bodies/lenses in a photo backpack. I also pack my laptop, reg, and dive computer the backpack. Airlines allow one carry-on (Akona Bag) and one personal bag (backpack). The Akona goes in the overhead and the backpack under the seat infront of me. Of course I check my dive gear and clothes in the belly. I have traveled mostly in the Carribean, Central America and Mexico (both coasts) in this manner and have had no issues (knock on wood). I shudder at the thought of checking my UW photo gear into the belly.

In Topic: Socorro Island Closed by Mexican Military

05 February 2010 - 10:25 PM

How was the diving on Friday? On my last dive at the Canyons on Thursday afternoon, the vis had dropped to less than 10ft.

Viz was good 40-50 as long as you were away from the sandy bottom. I don't recall it ever getting as bad as <10.

In Topic: Socorro Island Closed by Mexican Military

27 January 2010 - 06:48 PM

I was on the Solmar V last week. We were informed at the dock in Cabo that we wouldn't be able to go to Socorro also. Even still we had some really great dives at Roca Partida and San Benedito. We waited until Friday afternoon to head back to Cabo (watched the Nataulis Explorer steam away in the night on Thursday). Crossing was pretty rough, but no where near 20-25' swells (10-15 max). I can't wait to go back.

In Topic: 2 Sea & Sea YS-110's

18 November 2009 - 07:49 PM

Price Drop $800.00

Are these strobes still available?