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Sea and Sea MDX 40 - Problem with Quick control dial

30 April 2008 - 07:46 PM

Hi Guys,

A little call for those of you who use the Canon 40D housing from Sea and Sea.

I've read with a huge interest Sting Ray's post where he describes all sort of emotions he felt when he received his MDX 40D and I couldn't help laughing because I was also waiting for the delivery of my MDX40D, thinking soon it's gonna be my turn !

Here we are, it arrived last night and I experienced pretty much the same as Sting Ray (spent hours playing with the boxes, bubble wraps, instruction manual, etc.).
Once I managed to put everything together, I've noticed a huge problem : I can't use the quick control dial - althought I should be able to. It seems that the little round rubber piece doesn't reach the dial inside the housing.

Did anyone experience that problem ?

I'm just deseperate at the thought of sending it back to Japan ... I only received it 12h ago and I waited for months !!!

Thank you for your help,


Monitor Calibration - What about laptop screen ?

27 April 2008 - 04:41 AM

Hi everybody,

I've noticed a big difference in darkness between my pictures on the screen and the same ones once printed.

I know that a computer monitor should be color calibrated but so should a liquid crystals laptop screen (I'm indeed working at the moment on a laptop) ?

In other words, are the existing calibration tools designed for laptop screens ?

If not, maybe plugging my laptop on the TV screen would be solution ?

Is anyone any wiser than me on that topic ?

Many thanks and enjoy your diving !!!