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Problems: new Nauticam housing w/ Canon 7DII

08 March 2015 - 03:39 PM

I'm hoping you all can help me.  I finally got into the water yesteday with the new gear above and tho I do love some things, some things left me frustrated and grumpy. 

1 - my strobes wouldn't fire properly.  During setup test, both strobes (one Inon 220 and one Inon 240) fired perfectly.  I changed the batteries in one strobe because they were almost flat; didn't do anything else.  Again tested things exactly the same way and now the strobe with the newly inserted fully charged batteries would not fire at all.  Instead, it just did the flicker thing. Maybe like a preflash?  Nothing I did would make it fire so I removed it from the system and went single strobe for the dive.


During the dive, the strobe fired great at first but then started to play up by randomly doing the flicker thing.  It also seemed to have problems with changing power.  I did some tests and there wasn't much variation in light from lowest setting to second highest setting.  Why didn't I test with the highest setting?  I did, but it wouldn't fire at all when set there!  As you can imagine, this made for an extremely frustrating maiden voyage.


2 - the camera wouldn't take a shot every time.  It was in focus, but no matter how I pulled the trigger nothing would happen.  Missed some shots because the dumb thing wouldn't go.  My buddy heard me screaming in frustration at this point.  Didn't happen consistently and didn't always happen on moving subjects - it also happened when I was shooting something stationary.


So, not the most successful dive ever.  I really want to love this new setup but I'm annoyed with it at the moment.  I never had a lick of trouble with my Subal ;)


anyhoo, advice and instructions would be great.  Thanks!