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Google Images

30 January 2007 - 02:29 PM

I've never been a fan of Google Images (or Yahoo Images) as I always felt like they were displaying my images without context (or ownership) and made it really easy for people to steal images from my web site without even visiting the site.

However, today I had some time to kill at lunch, so I spent about 10 minutes searching Google Images for the few images I have actually sold (so I know they have value to somebody) and low and behold, I quickly found 4 of those images hosted on other web sites. Fortunately, they hadn't even changed the name of the image.

I sent nice emails off to the four web sites, and withing a half hour, two had apologized and pulled the images. One site I have not heard back from yet, and the fourth site has me puzzled. They are trying to determine what to do about the image, which is displayed with a "Photo by Andrew J. Martinez" watermark on the image. I told them that I'm very keen to learn how Andrew's name came to be associated with my image, and that if they check the EXIF data of the image on their site, it clearly says, "Copyright 2004 Scott Boyd All Rights" in the user comment field. :)

Interesting stuff to be sure.