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White Balancing Problems

02 April 2011 - 04:52 PM

Hey All,

Been awhile since I've been round but in the throws of upgrading my fiance's DSLR rig and thought I'd pop my head in here again.

I've been shooting now for about 3yrs with a Sony HDRSR8 in an Ike housing and have been, well to say the least quite dissapointed with the performance of the cam underwater.
Did a livaboard to the Great Barrier Reef 2 years ago and pretty much deleted all my footage due to colour issues (or lack of colour). The diving there was great but the camera was not.
Followed this trip with a trip to Fiji a few months later and again was let down with the same issue.

It just doesnt seems to White Balance.

The camera doesnt have an external WB button to start with. (Classic Newbie mistake) I have to go through 2 sub menus with the manual slide rods on the touchscreen to get to the MWB. Click on the WB and it thinks bout things (I'd love to know what, cause I dont think it's really got its mind on the task at hand) and then fail. It doesnt seem to give me the true colour for the subject. Just still quite green.

In playing with this for the last couple of years I've figured out that what it needs is more red, so instead of trying to WB on a white or grey slate I give it a red base point (which was a total accident at first, out of pure frustration in Fiji on the last dive at the safety stop ontop of a large coral pinnicle) by WB'ing on an apricot colour. I found a certain peice of sponge coral in Fiji gave me close to the right colour which I would have expected normally with a WB. Problem is it's still in Fiji and I'm in Sydney.

Since then I've tryed WB on pretty much most sponges and seaweed and have gotten mixed results, but am still without doubt quite depressed with the situation.

Does anyone else shoot with a Sony HDRSR8 or HDRSR11 as I think the 11 is pretty much the same Cam and may have these same issues.
Or does anyone have any suggestions on how I cam get the Cam to at lest give me a decent WB.

I do prefer to shoot WA and overexposed green everywhere is just useless and depressing. :rolleyes:

I have lights and shooting at night I leave the WB on auto and get great colour but day diving is no good.