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25 December 2011 - 08:25 PM

The cost of the camera is nothing compared to the cost of the lens system!

Everything I've read says the Optimo 15-40mm is the one if you want a zoom. The housing cost from Gates is really quite reasonable if you compare it to the cost of a good high end fluid head and sticks.

All up .......about 120K! ...oh forgot about the taxes to import all this. Yikes! I'm far happier investing in the lens then the camera. Cameras come and go....a lens is forever.

Now after all the noise i'm considering dropping out of this as well. Not because i've had a change of heart blah blah blah. Where i dive there is a beautiful lodge in the most ideal location that has come on the market. I've had my eye on it for close to 15 years. The owners said they would NEVER sell.......now its come on the market for the first time since it was built 20 years ago. Its a lot of cash for sure but what a place to live!

So cant afford an over the top camera setup AND a lodge. Besides Dragon is on its way :-)

Decisions decisions.........


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23 November 2011 - 06:03 AM

@John E,

Some nice lenses on that list ! That Optimo 15-40 is a VERY nice lens.


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23 November 2011 - 05:58 AM

So, this is quite a challenge then.

As Ryan noted, i wonder how the 14-24mm Ruby performs given that lens in Nikon dress was difficult to setup and did not offer great results. Will the lens being reworked take away some or all of these issues (that this lens had behind a dome)?

The Dulcos is a Tokina 11-16mm - i remember reading many posts about this lens being excellent but as Drew mentions it is an APS-C lens and wont do 5K.

Might be that the 16-35L is the lens that ends up being the best choice. At least the mount on the Red is covered.

Luckily in my situation i do not have to travel other then get in the boat. I have no airplanes to catch to go dive my area of interest. So a big Dome is no issue at all. Can one have a custom dome done? What is practical in terms of size? what is the biggest dome ever done? (if i am understanding this correctly a bigger dome is better?)

Acrylic Vs Glass - i have no idea on which way to go here. Anyone care to throw their thoughts out there on the matter for us less informed souls?

Sounds like the dome is as important if not more so then the lens itself. Perhaps more rightly, each is as important as the other?


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21 November 2011 - 10:11 PM

Sounds like there is little love for cine lenses with the underwater crowd........ sounds like it is going to be a challenge to setup a cine lenses behind a dome. Seems a shame to use a cine above and something else below water but that's the way its looking to me.

So then how do we go about finding a nice lens for underwater use on the Red's? Possibly start a new thread on lens suggestions? Will that even get any traction?

It would be tragic to spend many $$$ on a cine lens then find its of little use underwater behind a dome.


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19 November 2011 - 09:56 PM

John E - thanks for the insight!

Do you have a list of lenses that you have put behind your best dome that worked extremely well? I still prefer the cine approach if a choice lens can be made to perform.

What is the highest performing dome available? Are you saying you can custom work a dome to suit the chosen lens?

In general which cine lens do you recommend? or to put it another way ( so that no one can hold you to a "recommendation") which lenses have you seen housed in a Gates that are/were stellar performers?

I really appreciate your input in this discussion. (I'm sure many others do to!)