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WTB: Nauticam E-m1 housing

14 December 2015 - 06:12 PM

Would like to buy a gently used Nauticam E-M1 housing

For Sale: Olympus E-M5, Nauticam housing, Flextray & Vacuum valve kit

13 December 2015 - 04:31 PM

I am selling my gently used E-M5, Nauticam housing, Flextray and M16 Vacuum valve kit.


I am selling this because I am upgrading.


I want to sell the camera and housing together but will sell the arms/trays and vacuum valve kit separately.


Olympus E-M5 camera and Nauticam housing new price was $2,300 ($650 camera, 1450 housing and 200 for the vacuum electronics upgrade).  I am keeping all my lenses and ports so please note the package only includes camera body and housing.  This is a great camera and has taken some fab pictures.  The housing leek detector has been upgraded to include the vacuum electronics - this was done by Reef Photo.  I have been using the vacuum diving and would not go back to a housing without it.  The housing is in very good shape - some of the white lettering paint has started to wear off and there are four small scuffs on the viewer on the back. The housing has never been flooded.


Nauticam Flextray adjustable arms and tray (includes ball mounts) new ~$200 - some of the paint has come off by the rubber bands on the balls - see picture.  Both arms can be adjusted to move in or out.


M16 Vacuum valve kit - valve, pump and wrench = new $220 - this has been on the housing and has been used.



Complete package (new ~$2,720) - camera, housing, tray and vacuum kit - $1,700

Camera & housing (new ~$2,100) - $1,500

Nauticam Flextray (new ~$200) - $125

M16 Vacuum kit (new $220) - $180


I prefer PayPal, buyer will pay for insurance and shipping - preference to sell entire kit.

Olympus E-M1 vs E-M5ii for underwater

27 November 2015 - 12:07 PM

For those of you that have used the E-M1 or E-5 ii - which would you recommend for underwater use or maybe wait for E-M1 ii?  I am looking to upgrade my E-M5 and trying to choose? 


I don't take many land pictures so my focus is which camera would work best for underwater.  I plan on using a Nauticam housing, I have the Panasonic 8mm fisheye lenses, Olympus 9-18, 12-50, 60mm, and 12-40 Pro lenses.  I take lots of macro and close-ups of fish with some larger animals - like shark and mantis.  I have a couple of Inon Z240 and a focus light.  I don't use the programmable buttons much so those aren't much of a factor.  I shot in manual mode with RAW.


Your thoughts and opinions appreciated.