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Help - Olympus Em1 m2 not syncing with Inon Z240 strobes

03 June 2017 - 03:10 AM



I am in Analio right now and I am using my Olympus EM1 M2 for the first time and can't get it to sync with my strobes.  I am trying to shoot manual with the strobes.  My camera setting are sync speed of 200, F16 and ISO of 100 and camera flash set to full.  We have tried all the different Inon settings and none of them are working.  Yes - we have tried with the magnet button in and out.  I swapped an Inon strobe with a buddy and my strobe worked on their Cannon dslr and his strobe didn't work on my Olympus.  I think it maybe a new setting on the Olympus?  I had the Em1 before and didn't have any problems with Inon strobes.   Fyi the strobes are firing but not sync'ing.  I am using fiber optic sync cords...


We have been trouble shooting this and have tried various flash related setting in the camera - we really don't know what to try next so if anyone has used this combo I would love to know what settings to use.


Thanks for the help




help with pelican case sizing

27 November 2016 - 04:40 PM

I would appreciate advice on about what size of a pelican case I need for a Nauticam housing, Olympus em1, 2 z-240 strobes, arms, clamps, focus light, couple of lenses, big dome, and macro port.


Thank you,


FS: 2 Z240 Inon Strobes - Type II

29 October 2016 - 10:19 AM

I am selling 2 Inon Z240 Type II strobes.  Both of these strobes work great.  I live in MN and like to dive in warm oceans so I only used these strobes 2-3 times a year on my dive vacations.  Both of these strobes function great - the only issue with the strobes is the focus button is a bit sticky and sometimes won't turn off with the focus light button - I just turn the strobe off/on and the focus light will turn off.  I am currently using the strobes with my Nauticam housing and Olympus E-M1.  I have used these strobes with an E-M5, E-PL3, and Cannon G9 & G12.
I bought one strobe during a photography event in Cozumel from an Inon rep and the other strobe I bought used on WetPixel in 2012.
Strobe 1 will come with a user's manual, red & blue plugs for diffusers, 2 diffusers and an extra set of O-rings.  I did have about a tablespoon of water in the battery compartment 3 years ago - but dried it out and has functioned perfectly.
Strobe 2 will come with 2 diffusers and an extra set of O-rings. The diffuser both have a crack but still function fine.
I am asking $300 for each strobe or $550 for both.  The buyer will pay shipping and insurance.  I will accept Paypal.
I am attaching pictures of the strobes.
Thanks for looking,