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Awkward introduction post

13 June 2008 - 09:22 AM

Hi all,
Joined a few weeks back looking for advice on the system I had already chosen to buy. Looks like I'll be happy with it as soon as I get enough time to try it out actually under the water. Might be somewhat shy about posting any pics I do get as all my diving is in UK waters so no bright coloured corals & gin clear water, maybe shore crabs and ballan wrasse look exotic to tropical divers? I mainly want a system for recording marine life for later identification without having to take specimens so I imagine the shots won't look that great anyhow.
Diving wise I've been diving for 14 years now (I started fairly young), mostly in UK waters though some in the Med, Florida Keys and South Africa (Cage diving before it really took off). My wife started u/w photography about 4 years ago (Ike housed D70) but I've never fancied a bulky SLR system and didn't feel compacts were flexible enough for our often murky waters.
Dive Safe

Sea&Sea DX-1G w. YS-110

02 June 2008 - 12:27 PM

I am looking to buy my first U/W camera system, and having looked around at the various compact digital systems available it looks like the dx-1g is the best bet for me, and the ys-110 looks to be a common companion. This system would be within my price bracket, but would a cheaper strobe (Eg ys27dx) suffice?
I dive in Northern Ireland, so a strobe will be essential, and a system which can take a wide angle adaptor lens may be helpful in the future.
I am looking for a system which I can take diving with me to photograph subjects of opportunity, and to record marine life and habitats for later ID rather than for artistic purposes. (Much of my diving is Seasearch surveys + similar). I would also like the possibilty for future growth eg manual control, RAW image editing etc to prevent me from rapidly growing out of the system.
I do not want a housed SLR as I find them far too bulky and they have a tendency to take over the dive.
Any comments would be gratefully recieved,
Many thanks,