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OM-D with +5 or +10 diopter for 12-50mm Olympus?

24 December 2012 - 05:23 AM

Hi everyone!

I got the following plan for taking the O-MD underwater:

Nauticam housing
4" dome port for 9-18mm and 12-50mm

With the austrian custom zoom gear I will be able to operate the 12-50mm behind the 4" nauticam semi dome.
That should have the advantage of the increased field of view on the wide end compated to operating it behind the standard 12-50 Nauticam port.

Since I will not be able to get to macro mode with that option, I want to add the Nauticam flip diopter holder to the port to add either a Subsee +5 or + 10 diopter.

Since I have no experience with diopters yet, I am however not sure which one to choose.

I also plan to get the Olympus 60mm macro in the near future. I have read in some other forum, that one will also fit behind the Nauticam 4" dome port as it's nearly the same length as the 12-50mm
That would then give me a very compact setup with only one port which would be ideal when I want/have to travel light.

So the big question now is which diopter to choose for this setup. The Subsee +5 or +10

I may in the future add the Nauticam port for the 60mm macro to have a dedicated macro port which would give some more magnification compared to the dome port. Alex Mustard also confirmed that the 12-50 can be operated behind this port without any restricions.
So here again I could add the flip diopter holder to get macro functionality on the 12-50 when operating it behind this dome.

Like I said I have no experience with diopters, so I have no clue if it would be better to choose the +5 diopter for this setup or go with the +10 diopter.
With the 60mm macro I will be able to get to 1:1 anyway, so I'm not sure if the +10 diopter may not be a bit of an overkill here and if it would be better to only have a +5 diopter.
For the 12-50mm I have no idea how much the difference between the +5 and +10 will be. Since I'm planning to get the 60mm for serious macro work anyway, I'm currently leaning more towards the +5 diopter because it will be enough to get good macro with the 12-50 but must not be 1:1 since I will have the 60mm for that anyway when needed.

Any input will be very much appreciated.

Many thank's,