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In Topic: GoPro 2 fogging remedy?

07 November 2013 - 03:28 PM

No offense, but I can't see any situation where it would be a good idea to blow air from a regulator into a bag containing an open camera housing. The possibility of blowing sea water into that open housing is going to outweigh any benefit of getting dry air into the housing. Even a "dry" regulator can have pockets of water in its nooks and crannies. Maybe if the dive boat / shop has one of those blower attachments but, even then, compressed air can do other damage, like pushing an o-ring out of its groove or pushing a sand grain down behind an o-ring. David's toilet paper or my silica gel sachets is going to be a much safer more reliable solution.

I actually have used a cloth covered flex tip valve on a power inflator hose to carefully do this on several occasions out of need (had to risk opening the housing for some reason on a open boat.)  Never used a 2nd state regulator directly to do this personally since I had the tip.    This was on a large volume housing where no typical silica gel pack is going to help ( not a go pro.)     Obviously I didn't blast full-flow 100psi air in unabated, and expect most handling underwater cameras would think about why that isn't a good idea.   Maybe I should add a disclaimer here.   lol

There is no beating letting A/C'd air fill the housing before you close it up if you know the dew point of that air is safely below the coldest temp you'll experience during the dive. It doesn't matter if you take it outside after you close it and it sweats like a ice cold bottle of beer would, as that is on the outside (though it can freak some people out if they don't understand that.) Even as the air temp inside the housing rises or falls with the ambient environment, the dew point remains constant inside the housing as long as it's not opened.

In Topic: GoPro 2 fogging remedy?

05 November 2013 - 12:19 PM

The GoPro heating up has nothing to do causing any fogging.  In fact, it heating up during the dive will actually work against fogging by raising the air temp some inside the housing.  


Fogging all comes about from the air inside the housing cooling to the point it where it hits its dew point temp.   The more moisture in the air, the higher it's dew point temp.   So, you want the driest air inside the housing possible with the lowest dew point.   The key is the air is dry enough so the dew point is lower than the coldest water temp you will experience during the dive.    Then you will have no fog.


The easiest way to do this is to load the camera in a cool and dry environment (i.e. in A/C )and not on the deck of the boat.    If you must open it on the boat deck, you could try to put it in a clear bag to close it and blow some air from your second stage into the bag just before you close the housing.   Scuba air is less than 10% humidity, so the dew point will be very low.   Just be very careful not to blow any water that may be on the reg into the housing or bag.  



In Topic: First Underwater 360 Video with GoPros

30 March 2013 - 08:26 AM

There are glitches at the seams for several technical reasons.   Parallax error being one at close distances to subjects, and the need for more overlap in frames from the various cameras.  It's a work in progress, but it is progressing to better results as I throw time and money at it.   Some folks have asked for 'sphere' views but if you have ever tried navigating one of those, they usually get abandoned by viewers in frustration as the viewer gets lost.  


There will be new videos with a lot more action and color as the water warms here in FL and i tweak the system configuration some.    


At this time, I'm not prepared to disclose details on my custom setup and workflow just yet.   My goal is producing content for the next few months.




In Topic: First Underwater 360 Video with GoPros

30 March 2013 - 06:51 AM

I have a new 360 video of USS Mohawk from the starboard deck with some cudas and AJs swimming through.  Some minor wrinkles in two seams but i understand the issues and how I will work through them in the future.   This is 1min 30 seconds and only 20MB in size for web.  I think the quality for the file size is pretty decent trade off.   The full quality and res file is over 4GB.

New 360 video from starboard deck of USS Mohawk




In Topic: First Underwater 360 Video with GoPros

22 March 2013 - 02:35 AM

Here's a new underwater 360 video using my second iteration design allowing for more vertical field of view.  We shot from six vantages points on the wreck.  This first one is the shot from the bow deck.   Vis was 30 ft.

First 360 underwater video from bow of the USS Mohawk



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