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FS: Nexus D300 housing, ports, arms, strobes

08 November 2014 - 08:07 PM

I am selling a complete Nexus D300 setup, including travel hardcase. 4 years reasonable use.  Flood-free.  Housing has been serviced by Nexus Japan in the past year.




Nexus D300 housing

MP60-6 port with 10mm and 40 mm extensions

MP60 fisheye port

2x Sea&Sea YS110a strobes, complete with both cables and fibre optic connectors

2x Ultralight arms with floats

2x ultralight buoyancy arms

10x arm clamps (8x 2 way and 2x 3-way)

Pelican-type Hardcase fits all above.

Total weight of all above:  approx 18kg


Asking USD 2,700 ex-delivery.  Can bring to UK in December if that helps anyone to keep shipping costs down.


Also available to add to the package above:  

Subsee +5 and +10 adapters    USD 120 each

FIX LED500DX light    USD175

Nikon D300 body, incl 2x batteries and charger     USD 325


I am looking to sell everything together and will wait before offering individual items for sale


Can provide pictures and answer questions as required.