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In Topic: Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro Strobe leaking

12 May 2011 - 04:34 PM

I asked those great guys at Backscatter about this cap issue, here is what Backscatter's Mike Tamayo had to say about it

"The YS-250 battery cap is actually a pretty complex item, as far as battery caps go.

The reason for the inner cap is to apply pressure to the YS-250 battery to keep it in place.

If the center of the cap didnít spin freely, you couldnít tighten the outer cap.

There is a small silver piece on the rear as well, which allows the vacuum to be released when trying to open the strobe.

The YS-250 strobes are a little more technical than some others that we carry, but they have an amazing light output and cannot be beat."

So I guess the answer is you need to be very careful putting the battery caps on, as it is easy to "pinch" the inner cap between the battery housing and the outer cap - which appears to crack the cap.

(they are great strobes!)

In Topic: Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro Strobe leaking

10 May 2011 - 03:56 PM

I just recently took a new pair of YS250Pros underwater - fortunately checked them both in the pool prior to diving. One of the battery caps had a leak - similar place to others in this thread.

On my battery cap there is this little rotating gizmo inside the cap that has to align with the battery housing in order to thread on the cap - my suspicion is that I misaligned this at some point while playing with the strobes on land after delivery - it looks like it would be fairly easy to crack a cap if you threaded it on with it being misaligned - the back of the cap would receive the full pressure of you tightening the cap with the "gizmo" caught between the housing and the back of the cap.

This "guide" inside the cap rotates freely, so when you are threading the cap its a 3 step process
#1 align the rotating guide so that the mark inside the cap aligns with the cap
#2 align the cap on the housing so that the mark on the cap lines up with that on the housing
#3 try to thread this mess on without anything moving

Any ideas what the function is of the guide mechanism inside the cap is? It appears to have a cutout opposite the guide marks to allow the battery cable to protrude into the cap - but otherwise doesnt seem to have a function - but hey, what do i know