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Tokina 10-17mm issue.....

14 March 2018 - 08:55 AM

 Last year I upgraded my Nikon D90 with a D810.  Going to the FX I researched my existing 10-17 Tokina and saw that it was possible to make it theoretically a FX by removing the hood.  I did so, and on land it's great at 15mm and up.  Underwater however I have an issue with flash artifacts inside my dome.  My question is...are the artifacts caused by my removal of the hood on my lens?  Or a housing fiber optic issue?  I'm using a Aquatica housing with the dual FO bulkheads.   If it's the Hood, easy fix, I'll just have the hood re-installed.  I'll attach a pic.  in it you can see the bars of reflected light both on the left and right.  Also the upper sporadic reflection of light ringing the frame.  Thanks for any help in advance!