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Sept Contest Theme

18 August 2015 - 05:36 AM

Contest Theme Unusual Shapes
Description: Something is unusually shaped.
Detail – Something that does not follow an expected pattern or is irregular shaped. Another theme that allows you to be more creative.

August Contest Winners

10 August 2015 - 05:06 AM




1st Place: M.Greuter

2nd Place: D.Deavenport (2 X)

2nd Place: D.Mensay (2 X)

2nd Place: J.Mensay

3rd Place: M.Greuter


1st Place: L.Glowacki

2nd Place: J.Holden

3rd Place: B.Bright


1st Place: M.Daniels

2nd Place: D.McCracken

2nd Place: M.Daniels

3rd Place: K.Crofoot (2 X)


August Contest Theme

20 July 2015 - 09:11 AM

The August photo contest theme is:


Natural light


Description: The shot’s primary light is the sun.

Detail – Natural lighting or sunlight. Not the beer brand.

July Contest Theme

15 June 2015 - 06:53 AM

The July contest Theme is - Reef Scene with Diver(s)


Wrecks can count as a reef.

May 2015 contest winners

06 May 2015 - 05:01 AM

To see the winning photographs use the following: