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#324284 New Demo Reel

Posted by Etc on 12 January 2013 - 12:38 AM

Great footage and editing!!!!. God duration. Good music, great timing. All critique asides, I really envy you
I think Drew's got the point, but I'd add (under my personal opinion, of course):

- Color correction on the wreck's bow (1:24). More contrast, get rid of excess of cyan
- Take the Trigger fish shot out (1:26). The rest of the video doesn't deserve this.
- 1:37.. out too! (don't like the composition)
- Put the two shots of the Thiselgorm trucks together.
- Color correct & stabilize the Whale shark (2:17)
- 2.39 shot out!.. It doesn't say much.
- Shorten or "roll edit" a bit the lion fish shot. Don't let the shadow get into it's face (3:01)
- Change the ending shot for a better one!. Or just leave the sunset last timelapse for the end.

I hope I didn't look rude and I could express well. I'm Spaniard and my english is far to be perfect.