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Canon XA20 / G30 info

04 October 2015 - 09:06 PM

I Would like to find someone who has experience with some of this cameras (no matter the housing used).


WB in Still cameras Vs Camcorders

01 October 2015 - 12:31 AM

Quite a few DSLR, SLR and compact cameras get really good quality footage. In fact there are experienced videographers who buy them with no intention of taking a single still picture. These cameras can perform a manual WB at almost any depth, on ambient light, without need any red filter.
In the other hand almost any advanced user camcorder housing comes with its built-in flipping filter. Proper MWB is supposed to be achieved from a certain depth (light is heavily filtered) by using the red filter....
Could anyone explain me this paradox????
Do the sensors of all the manufacturers of sill cameras have something in common that make them so different to the ones in the camcorders?
Maybe is a mistake no using red filters in still cameras if you want the best results?
Or maybe the flipping filter is an item inherited from past needs that are beginning to loose their point since the new camcorders can achieve MWB with on red filters?... can they?

GH4 Pros & Cons list before make my final choice.

28 September 2015 - 02:25 AM

I would really need some help here, please guys.

I've been using for a while an old sony HC9 in a Bluefin housing. It's time to move on. Mainly because I've never been happy of its performance in low light environments (noisy) and of its poor WB capabilities.

I never quite liked the Idea of filming with a DSLR because I believed that image quality is not the only thing that matters and a photography camera is developed with the idea of taking pictures and a video camera is developed with the idea of filming video.
But, due to the great reviews on the GH4 and due to the fact that a friend videographer got the panasonic recently (in a Nauticam housing) I've had the chance to try it for a couple of days.
Mainly I can say I'm pretty happy with the testing, although there are a few issues I didn't like much and I think they might be quite important to bare in mind before making the decision. Let me explain it by making a pro & cons list and let's seen if you agree.

- Professional results In a relatively small size and weight.
- Image quality (4K, image options, 96fps in Full HD, costum presets, etc)  

- Footage suitable for nice color grading.
- Great WB performance. I just LOVE IT.... no red filters needed!!!!. Fast and accurate...  first thing I did was going down to -30 an WB on a white towel... amazing!!! (Ok, maybe I'm overacting a little but keep in mind that my HC9 wasn't able to white balance under -15m, -7 without red filter!!!)
- A lot of lenses opions with really good quality.
- Stabilized lenses.
- Nauticam housing is really well done and gives you all the options for your lens choice.
- Focus. Manual focusing is easy, fast and the peaking helper is a pretty good option.

- I think you can't buy the GH4 and all the port and lenses and film without an external monitor!!!!! (add more money, more room and weight in your luggage). The viewfinder is useless and the screen is small with no tilt options. I can't imagine myself shooting macro at grond level trying to see anything in that screen!!!!.
Would a 45° viewfinder magnifier be the solution?
- AF has a bunch of great options.... for photography. In my testing I realized that all of them are designed for photography and in Motion Picture mode once you press "record" you will have a continuos autofocus with a lot chance of focus hunting....and YOU DON'T HAVE AF LOCK options to use once your subject has stop.
- No AE Lock option while shooting either. Shooting with aperture priority is a good choice in specific situations if you can lock the expossure when needed.
- Versatility. You won't have the angle range of a built-in lens video gear. I missed a little more zoom range when following a little parrot fish with the 12-35mm. (that's a maximum of 70mm 35mm equiv.)

Keeping in mind my criteria and keeping in mind that I need a light gear to avoid hearts attacks at the line of the boarding gate. Can you suggest any alternative to GH4?????. I don't really need 4K, Full HD would be OK.

PD: Sorry about my english.