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29 June 2016 - 03:02 AM

Today the protagonist of this story is going through a hard time.
Let the online premiere of CARMEN be a tribute to her and her resolve.
I hope she gets back to work soon.

Cheer up!


Subtitles available


Red filters for GH4

13 April 2016 - 02:53 AM

In my first trip with the GH4 I shot in a open cenote at -35m with the Pana 7-14mm. Some of the takes were shot with MWB done at around -17m (A), and some of them with the MWB done at shooting depth (-35m) (B). All of them at maximum aperture (f/4) and 1/25 (25fps).
I found B colors nicer compared with the greeny A shots but I noticed B shots were much noisier!!. Since my old HC9 was not able to WB under -15m, and I guess on land the electronic adjustments are not extreme enough to notice such a thing, I was very surprised and disappointed with this issue.
In my next trip I'm planning to shoot sharks in deep (-40m) channels in Maldives and I'm definitely going to try red filters in my lenses (Pana 7-14 and pana 12-35) as a work around for white balancing in this situations (red filter plus MWB or AWB. I'll try both).
Which filters would you recommend me. And, most important, how can I put a filter in front of the 7-14mm since it has no thread at all???!!!


Shutter Speed thoughts

06 April 2016 - 08:13 AM

Shutter Speed thoughts
I might be wrong, but I have the feeling that if you film at over 180º you are breaking some golden rule (I got this impression after reading a lots of forums and watching video tutorials). 15 years ago it did't happen, I guess it comes when the borderline between video and film are becoming softer and softer.

I wonder why really do we want to shoot with 180º!!!. Ok, the book says you get the "most cinematographic" look. But, besides this, why?.
I mean... we should be adapting the shutter speed to our filming situations. Down there we are always claiming for more light, we die for fast lenses, we hate noisy high ISO. So, what's wrong with going 360º?.
Furthermore underwater everything moves much slower, you probably will get the same motion blur at 360 shooting a Manta swimming as shooting a turtle running  on land.

Canon XA20 / G30 info

04 October 2015 - 09:06 PM

I Would like to find someone who has experience with some of this cameras (no matter the housing used).


WB in Still cameras Vs Camcorders

01 October 2015 - 12:31 AM

Quite a few DSLR, SLR and compact cameras get really good quality footage. In fact there are experienced videographers who buy them with no intention of taking a single still picture. These cameras can perform a manual WB at almost any depth, on ambient light, without need any red filter.
In the other hand almost any advanced user camcorder housing comes with its built-in flipping filter. Proper MWB is supposed to be achieved from a certain depth (light is heavily filtered) by using the red filter....
Could anyone explain me this paradox????
Do the sensors of all the manufacturers of sill cameras have something in common that make them so different to the ones in the camcorders?
Maybe is a mistake no using red filters in still cameras if you want the best results?
Or maybe the flipping filter is an item inherited from past needs that are beginning to loose their point since the new camcorders can achieve MWB with on red filters?... can they?