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In Topic: Dyron Viewfinders

14 October 2009 - 08:12 AM

HI ,

I have done several adaptions of the INON 45 and 180 viewfinder I adapted it to Sealux, Sea&Sea, UK-Germany, fantasea, 10bar and several Ikelite housings as well. Not mounted it on to the original viewfinder but integrated it as near by as posible to the camera viewfinder. I always have very nice feedbacks.
I mount it in different ways, in some cases it is also posible to demount it without open the housing to get a smaler transport size of the housing. A sealed blind cap closes the housing an other one closes the viewfinder. At my own UK-Germany D300 housing I am able to change between the 45 and the 180 viewfinder depending on shooting situation but bevor the dive....

I think the Dyron solution is a joke it is only a expensive 45 mirror. The magnification is killed through the water so you only angle your viewfinder 45 and with Ikelite housings you get a better handling with your regulater depending on the larger distance to the strobe bulkhead

Michael (www.mikedive.de)

In Topic: Olympus UFL-2 Undedrwater Strobe

04 May 2009 - 10:31 AM

Hello ,

UFL2 is nothing else than an exploded Olympus FL36 strobe in a UW housing made by sunpac ( Sea&Sea brand owner)

In Topic: Seacam Seaflash with other housings than Seacam?

05 February 2009 - 10:20 AM


as the Nikonos V socket is connected the same way all over the world this should give no further problems. You only have to take care of the combination plug and socket an original Nikons V Socket has 3 solid and 2 springpins in Germany there are also N5 sockets available using 5 solid pins so a normal Nikonos V plug is not fitting in a N5 socket therefor you need a N5 plug other way around there is no problem a N5 plug also fitts into a NikonosV socket but you have to care about propper contakt between the springpins and the little sockets in the N5 Plug. Some times you have to widen the holes carefully wich a little drill or filling them up with some little brass nails you get out of some 1mm solder pins used on PCBs by filing one half away.