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In Topic: Issues/Problem with Sea&Sea YS D2 Strobe?

19 April 2016 - 08:21 AM

Hello Dovechoco,

 That is a bummer no doubt. In answer to your question-yes. I owned 3-D1's. I made sure before purchase that they were the "good batch" that had the blinking low battery lights issue resolved . However, I still had that issue with 2 (sent back for reprogramming circuitry). The other issue, which was more serious was 2 had the flashtubes explode. Those repairs took 3 months each and not covered under warranty. They were 15 months old. That of course was utter nonsense to me. I have been doing u/w photography for 25 years and used Seacam/Nikonos/Inon/Ikelite/and other Sea&Sea strobes-NEVER had a blown flashtube. 1. I do this for a fun hobby/non commercially or professionally used (not heavily used). 2. No lithium Ion batteries were used. Eneloop NiMh 2400. 3. At the time I was using fiber optic cables in cool water (ttl,so rapid fire wasn't possible because of my setup) meaning no cables on high power, out of water, in rapid fire for extended periods(who does that). Had them repaired/ sold then replaced them with the new and improved D2's. Love the new features/size/power. However, I am glad I have 3. Just returned 5 days ago from a 10 day live aboard in the Solomon Islands. I had my seldom used 3rd strobe set up on tripod in sand with a snoot. After about 15 shots-flashtube EXPLODED. The strobe was on 3/4 power over a 10 minute time frame. Totally unacceptable, no excuses other than fix the problem (obviously did not resolve issue from D1's). They are still only 9 months old, so waiting to hear from Sea&Sea (last week sent photos plus). I am sure it will be the typical 3 months plus repair, which is really poor business. FWIW Cheers, Wayne

In Topic: So I won a pretty substantial prize package for a photo contest

16 February 2016 - 06:41 PM

What is the price you would take for the 14-24 lens ?