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In Topic: Reef House or Coco View in Roatan???

09 November 2015 - 07:41 AM

So here is my take since I have been to both.


Rooms - I'd give the nod to CCV. I stayed in one of their over the water rooms and I also stayed in one of the nicer rooms at RHR. Both were more than adequate with plenty of hot water but the CCV room was just a bit nicer. Don't know about the other rooms at CCV.


Food - Hands down the food was better at RHR. My wife is a little picky and she would always ask in the morning what was for dinner. If she didn't think she would like what they were serving, they would grill her a chicken breast or a piece of fish. The food was just OK at CCV. Not bad but not nearly as tasty as the food at RHR.


Diving - This is what separates the two for me. The places we went diving at RHR were far superior than the sites at CCV. Not even close. I think the entire time diving at RHR we saw one other dive boat for the week. The sites they go to are not dived nearly as much as the sites CCV will take you to. I think when we went to CCV we saw maybe 3 seahorses for the week. At RHR we would find 3 and 4 on just one dive. Maybe saw 15 for the week. The DM, Davit, at RHR is amazing. One of the best I have ever been with. Also, the shore diving at RHR was better. Now you need to do a surface swim for the first part of the house reef to weave you way out to the main reef but once out there is was really good diving.


I would gladly go back to either but if I were to win a free trip I'd take RHR every time. Now sure what the pricing is but RHR use to be a few hundred cheaper for the week. Hope this helps.

In Topic: Last Minute Opening for Cocos

22 October 2015 - 08:22 AM

Spot Taken!