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In Topic: OM-D E-M5 II stabilization improvement significant?

23 February 2015 - 02:56 AM

Probably I will upgrade to E-M5 Mark II  from E-M5. The reason are:

1. Better EVF like in  E-M1

2. Much better video mode in which I see advantage of new I.S..

I'm waiting for Nauticam propose of new housing. Olympus housing seems to be too high due to new flash.


E-M1 with housing was too big for me and video mode was as poor as in E-M5.

I do not see any reason to upgrade from E-M1 for someone who does not make video.

In Topic: Complete port chart for Olympus & nauticam housings for micro four thirds...

16 February 2015 - 08:24 AM

I have found the charts  very useful.

However I see some issues.


For these sets:

Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm f3.5 4.33" dome 36132 *21 Olympus M. Zuiko 12mm F2.0 4.33" dome 36132 *21


is not required :

*21 requires extension, 36630 Mini extension port 30



For lens  Olympus M. Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ  I use alternate Nauticam port

Macro port 65 - 36163*7  with Austrian D&D zoom ring

In Topic: Best soft gear bag for traveling

20 August 2014 - 02:52 AM

Interesting to hear the 6" dome doesn't fit! (is it too tall?) I was tempted by one of the ThinkTank cases.. maybe not then.


Sorry for misunderstanding. Maybe it fits but not with this my current setup. The case is full.

In Topic: Best soft gear bag for traveling

20 August 2014 - 02:47 AM

The total  weight is about 10kg.


I encountered two times in Alicante in Spain with Ryanair during boarding that rude staff check very precisely dimension and weight. No mercy with Ryanair ;-)

In Topic: Best soft gear bag for traveling

19 August 2014 - 09:09 AM

ThinkTank Airport Accelerator ( 35.6 × 52.1 × 22.9cm)


1.           2x Inon Z-240

2.           Inon Focus Light

3.           Cable Ikelite-Nikon

4.           4x arms ULCS DB-08

5.           6x clamps +2x Inon balls

6.           8x  StiX Jumbo

7.           Single grip + base

8.           NA-EM5

9.           NAUTICAM 4" Wide Angle Port

10.         NAUTICAM 4.33" Dome Port

11.         SubSee Magnifier +5 Diopter

12.         NAUTICAM Macro Port 65 + macro adapter

13.         NAUTICAM 45° Viewfinder

14.         Zoom rings (60mm/9-18mm/12-50mm)

15.         Panasonic 8mm FE

16.         MZD 12-50mm

17.         MZD 12mm

18.         MZD 60mm

19.         MZD 9-18

20.         8xAccu charger

21.         Camera battery charger

22.         Notebook+Tablet


There is no room for NAUTICAM 6" Wide Angle Port #36133 (Panasonic 7-14)

Unfortunately dimesion of this bag does not obey Ryanair carry-on rules. So I'm playing now with CabinMax bag,  10mm and 5mm foams.


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