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First macros from a local Clearwater FL site

03 August 2011 - 03:52 PM

Did some local dives here in Clearwater Florida today. Only the second time ever diving with a DSLR rig and first time shooting macro. Nothing great from a composition perspective, but my bar was pretty low - basically I was shooting for in focus, properly exposed results. Gotta learn the gear and get used to diving with it!

All were shot at ISO 200, 1/100 second and f/22. Inon strobes were on sTTL. Little bit of touchup (exposure) in Lightroom. All uncropped except for one.

Any comments or suggestions are certainly welcome!

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Some of the ones I like best:

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Thinking about a Nikkor 85mm Micro

19 July 2011 - 06:28 AM

After the horrendous vis here in Tampa lately, I've pretty much decided I'm not going to be able to get by just with WA shooting for now. So I'm looking at macro choices for my D7000 / Aquatica rig. I'm really intersted in the Nikkor 85mm as it fits more what I would use it for topside and seems like it's a good trade off instead of buying both the 60 and 105 for underwater use.

A lot of the review sites don't seem that thrilled with it, but the few topside shooters I've found are mostly happy with it. The biggest comment I've seen about it is preferring to go with an f2.8 lens instead of the f3.5 that this is.

I could only find one or two threads here with people using it. Anyone have any feedback, hopefully with some sample shots?