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Boots n' all!

24 July 2008 - 04:27 PM

Hi all,

I'm one of those people that makes a decision and then wants it all yesterday, and after spending the last four years taking thousands of underwater photos on my little sony cybershot P150 I decided it was time to get serious (well, into serious fun anyway) and jump in boots and all!

2 Days ago I received my new Nikon D300 with 60mm macro lens, the Ikelite housing should arrive next week and strobes hopefully the week after. Wahoo!! I love my macro so decided to go that way first... but then realised that my Tonga Diving trip next month will be a great topside opportunity for whale photos so now back to the net for more lenses... let the fun begin.

I used this site as a non-member to get an idea of what kit I was going to go ahead with as there is loads of great discussions and forums that covered every topic I wanted to know more about, so thanks everyone. I will no doubt continue to use all your knowledge and skills to figure out what I'm doing!