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In Topic: thoughts on mini domes

Yesterday, 08:19 PM

This is the real question of U/W photography when it comes down to brass tacks.  How much of a pain it the ass are you willing to put up with for improved image quality?  This question ranges from the micro 4/3rds cameras up to the Scarlet systems.  Smaller is easier and you can argue that it is "just almost about as good".  Bigger is ( so much harder to carry and pack) but slightly better.  Logistics is the task-master of underwater photography.  Do your put all of your photo gear in carry-on, or do you tell your wife that you are checking 200 pounds of photo gear, and she can not bring her entire shoe collection?

You knew the answer to this question before you asked it.  A huge mega dome WILL make a difference in image quality.  A big friggin' dome always has better optics than a smaller dome.  The question is "is it worth the trouble?"  It is impossible to answer that question for you!  Can you take an increadibly good image with a smaller dome?  YES!,  Would the same image taken with a larger dome probably be a little bit better? YES! Is a bigger dome a lot bigger pain in the ass to travel and free-dive with?  YES!

The other posts above have great merit, but you really need to decide what lengths you want to go to, in order to get the best possible image.

In Topic: Advice on a Subsee holder

27 July 2014 - 09:40 AM

I used Subsee with it's laser carved adapter on an Ikelite housing for many years and was happy with it.  When I bought an adapter to fit my Aquatica housing, I had nothing but problems.  Unlike the adapter for Ikelite, the adapter made to fit Aquatica did not have a locking mechanism opposite the hinge.  The lack of a lock to hold the hinge closed made it necessary to tighten the thumbscrew enough to stop the Subsee from flopping in and out of position.  The soft plastic that is used in construction of the adapter is not strong enough to stand up to this tightening for long, and the screws stripped out in short order.  I made the decision to switch to the Aquatica close-up lenses.

In Topic: Nikon D200 strobe sync settings

05 July 2014 - 09:05 PM

Type of strobe?
Type of sync cord ( f/o, electronic)?
Housing type?

In Topic: Nikon 105vr manual vs auto focus

05 July 2014 - 08:59 PM

Tom, while it certainly is possible to use your technique, it becomes problematic to rely on the cameras autofocus when you have foreground and background objects which are not in the focal plane of your desired subject, but could be identified as the focal subject by the camera IQ (think a Pygmy Seahorse in a branching Sea fan.). Simply finding such a tiny subject in the viewfinder can be quite a task, so making sure that the focus pixel is not picking up on a piece of foreground or background detritus can be pretty tough.

In Topic: Nikon 105vr manual vs auto focus

04 July 2014 - 08:43 AM

Tim, see if  Xit404 makes a gear so that you could use the zoom knob on your housing for manual focus of the lens.  This is that arrangement I have on my Aquatica for my D800.  I use the standartd non-af flat port.  The gear was much cheaper than buying the manual focus flat port, as well as easier to use!