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WTB: Ikelite DS50

27 May 2005 - 11:25 PM

Looking for a second hand Ikelite DS50, with or without arms setup. Tray not needed. Price negotiable depending on w/ or w/o arms and item(s) condition. :o

Pics taken with DS50 and C5050 ?

07 January 2005 - 09:23 PM

Hi hi ...

I am currently using a C5050z with pt015, and had survived on internal strobe for the last one and a half years or so ... well, now I am thinking of getting my setup "strobalised" :(

did some homework (maybe not enough yet), after some info overload, currently am thinking of getting DS50 (DS125 too heavy on pocket and hands...) mainly because i would like to go TTL.

but currently I do not have enough moola to use full ikelite system, so considering to buy the ds50 with manual controller or ttl slave sensor first, and wait for prob next year before i upgrade my rig.

however, i would like to see more pics using ds50 and c5050 using
1. manual controller
2. ttl slave sensor
3. ttl with ikelite ttl housing.

as part of my homework for strobe finding...

can anyone post your pics, or link your urls to this thread so that i can do my "research"? would be glad to receive comments and advice as well :D