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Diameter in Seaandsea housings

15 March 2017 - 01:34 PM



Just changed my Seaandsea canon 7d housing to a Seaandsea canon 5d mklll housing and have a question regarding

the dimension.


I have a bulkhead for an external monitor and wondered if the diameter is the same in the two housings. I believe the dimension is 16 mm??


Thanks in advance.



Sea & sea mdx-7d housing, camera, etc.

11 March 2017 - 08:24 AM

I am upgrading and selling my used Seaandsea MDX-7d housing, Canon 7d, domes, macro etc.


Important notice: The housing have to be serviced, cause it have a leak at one or two o-rings on the backpart.


Underwaterhousing SeaandSea MDX 7D (200 usd)
Canon 7D kamera, Fuld HD, 18 mill.pixel (400 usd)
10-22 mm Canon lens (220 usd)
Zoom-ring 10-22 mm.(50 usd)
40 mm extensionring(150 usd)
NX Compact Dome Port (200 usd)


Makrolens Canon 60 mm(200 usd)
Makroport DX52(125 usd)
Focusring 60 mm macro(100 usd)
Closeuplinse 125(50usd)
m67_62 stepdownring til Closeup(50 usd)

Price for the system: 1500 usd

Can be shipped for an international fee.

You can watch footage taken with this system on my homepage: www.dykvideomag.com

Danish page;-))

Feel free to ask questions