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In Topic: A nasty Honduran surprise

22 April 2017 - 01:34 PM

Well, you got a taste of what a foreigner goes through when visiting the United States.

So true!
I find the Chinese border agents much more friendly by the way...

Not trying to troll ;-)

In Topic: Inon Z-240 vs. Sea & Sea YS-D2

22 April 2017 - 01:23 PM

I'm gonna stick my neck out a bit here...
I cannot believe that people still support Sea & Sea strobes, I have to assume either 1) they produce a much better final product to sell in the US or 2) the opinions are heavily biased.
As Wolf Eel mentioned, the Z240s are unnecessarily complicated with all the knobs, but I know A LOT of photographers who have been using the same strobes for years. They send them for maintenance every now and then, pay a bit of money and get it completely renewed. 
The Sea & Sea ones, on the other hand, present all sorts of issues. I have lost 3 YS-D1s and 1 YS-D2 to battery explosion, tube issues and just unidentifiable issues. I have met photographers who have lost more than that. I have seen many S&Ss ruin photography trips and the most important: at least here in HK the service is completely useless. Anytime you send your strobe for servicing, the warranty covers nothing, the price to fix it is the price of a new strobe, it takes forever to fix them and service is atrocious.
Seriously, it's time to stop beating around the bush: Sea & Sea needs a wake up call, people have to stop buying their strobes(I know I have) and their products in general. 
Sorry if anyone is offended. I'm trying to help by being honest. 

Thanks for the report donboka.
I have fortunately bought 2 inon strobes in 2011 and never stopped shooting them since then. Never any issue, and i must confess i haven't sent them for servicing, as i don't know what would be the purpose (i manipulate the knobs in rinse tank and they never block).
Looking at the S&S specs i got interested somehow, but i am glad you cleared my doubts.

In Topic: Sony FE 50mm f/2.8 macro on A7II

22 April 2017 - 01:19 PM

Nice catch (to you & to the crab :-))

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In Topic: Nikon Comparison D500 vs D7200

08 March 2017 - 05:11 AM

When i bought my D500 (upgrading from D300s) it was mostly the AF capabilities in low light which drove me.
It's a pity that the reputable photo magazines i read are not assessing these capabilities. In fact, their test benches for AF ability to track subject is definitely used with good ambient lighting, and fails to spot differences between recent cameras.
Then one has to trust camera specs, which say D500 focuses in darker environments than D7200.
For my photography this is very useful, esp when shooting below rocks where i can barely see but i noticed focus light (even red light) does disturb subject.
The D500 amazes me with shots i succeed in those conditions, and i just know by the specs that D7200 wouldn't succeed in as manu shots. How big is the difference, that i don't know :-/

In Topic: Who shares on Instagram?

04 March 2017 - 08:57 AM

Instagram has about 600 mio and Flickr ca. 85 mio. So obviously the potential audience is much larger. [emoji847]

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You have a point!
But does Instagram have the same artistic focus as Flickr? I mean, what are most people sharing or looking for on Instagram?

At least it's my impression that on Flickr most users like photography for itself and would post less "photo of that nice pasta dish i had at lunch" or "my kitten sleeping".
It's good to have larger potential audience, except if you're diluted in the kind of photos i am referring to.
For instance on facebook i may post photo of that good glass on beer, but never on Flickr where i stick to underwater photos which i am happy about.

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