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In Topic: Diving with the seals in Farne islands (UK)

09 November 2016 - 01:23 PM

I had reached my maximum number of photos per message it seems, so here are the two last ones:


A young one swimming:

30544714805_11d4500bec_c.jpgNLR_3632.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


And this one breathing on the surface... photographed from the bottom:


30246481610_ed02e13733_c.jpgNLR_3645.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr

It's obviously cut on the top but also on the bottom (fin), still i like something in this photo - do you see interest in it?


And this was the last of my seal photos! Such a great place for underwater photography, i really want to go back!!

In Topic: Diving with the seals in Farne islands (UK)

09 November 2016 - 01:20 PM

Now i am back for posting the pictures of the second (and last...) dive of this trip!


My buddies were diving semi-dry and got too cold to jump in again for the second dive of the day, so i had to go back solo (which from a photographer perspective was not too bad, and still very safe - 4 meters max depth).


I made the mistake to borrow my buddy's blue fins (mine are normally black), which work very well to attract seals, but not so much to take photos of them, as they stick to your back! 

A picture is better than a thousand words:

30161437643_c682453c78_c.jpgMaking of by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


Some ambient light photography close to the surface:

30245755330_8ded13c841_c.jpgNLR_3550.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


This young guy got interested:

29913379154_1fd1d64f8e_c.jpgthe kiss - part 1 by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


Came investigating...

30232371240_61119e4b30_c.jpgthe kiss - part 2 by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


And trying to taste my mini-dome! Fortunately no visible scratches afterwards :)

30507873246_b700e8f684_c.jpgthe kiss - part 3 by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


Then some close-up portraits:

One which i cropped as i thought it rendered well in square format:

30413983942_68b1b41a62_c.jpgNLR_3566.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


and another one un-cropped - I was surprised to find out that Lightroom's red eye removal feature works well on seals eyes!

30530345785_1121c9f0a1_c.jpgNLR_3571.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


As light was getting lower i tried to capture some sun rays, but i am not too satisfied, probably due to the overall low viz:

30508487816_b3c11af882_c.jpgNLR_3578.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr

If you have any suggestions on how to better take such a photo next time, please shoot (exif visible on flickr)!


Another curious guy:

30427885102_136d602aed_c.jpgNLR_3606.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


And one resting on the bottom:

30544664775_810da15cb4_c.jpgNLR_3612.jpg by Nicolas  & Léna REMY, sur Flickr


In Topic: Diving with the seals in Farne islands (UK)

08 November 2016 - 04:39 AM

I went in April, absolutely freezing and 2-3m vis.
This was the boat = http://sovereigndiving.co.uk/, nice B&B and good skipper. Saw maybe 3 seals over 2 days underwater, they didn't want to play.
Went to St Abbs for a few days afterwards with http://divestabbs.com/, much nicer reefs but no seals.
You will need a car. I'd guess June/July would be better.

What i heard from Sovereign Diving guys is that in May they are not playful as the youngster have not met divers ever at that time.
Later (aug-oct) they will have had plenty of time to get used to divers, and become much more playful.
When arriving at dive sites seals would jump in water and swim towards us.
I've probably interacted with 15-30 seals per dive.

In Topic: Diving with the seals in Farne islands (UK)

07 November 2016 - 12:12 PM



I have been intrigued in going there for a lomh time, but living in Munich it includes a flight and a rental car getting there.

So, the hurdle is there...


When is the "supposed" best time of the year to go there?





Well you live closed to a large airport and i presume you're used to flying for diving right?

Quite convenient to get there: Seahouses (the town closest to the islands) is between Newcastle and Edimburgh, around 2h driving from both. Both are international airports and offer decent prices for car rental :)

In Topic: which o-ring maintenance on Inon Z240 Type IV?

06 November 2016 - 10:07 AM

Hi Nicolas
Yep, I don't regrease anything on the Inons (or anywhere else for that matter) when I change batteries - or change cards in the housing. I just check that the outer edge (i.e. the edge you can see) of the o-ring looks clean and refit. 
On tightening the battery cap, I guess "gentle finger-tight" would be the best description I can make. I am always slightly wary of over-tightening it and maybe cracking the battery cap. In practice it doesn't need to be "tight". As long as it's firmly in place, water pressure is going to prevent in coming off. So, yeah, a bit of resistance and then a tiny bit more.

Cool thanks again :)