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In Topic: Should i get a fisheye?

21 May 2015 - 01:54 PM

not much to add, except that i noticed fisheye much easier to use on m4/3 than on 3/2 cameras:

When i was shooting Nikon DX, i was quite happy with the angle of view of my 10-24mm Nikon, and was finding the 10-17mm Tokina fisheye usually too wide.

Now on m4/3 my 9-18mm often seems too narrow, whereas my pany 8mm fisheye does seem very OK, and with the Nauticam 3.5" mini-dome, the CFWA capabilities are just awesome!!! Not that i am an expect, but learning...


And the pictures look always crispier.


The 4/3 pictures being less "panoramic", composition with a fisheye gets easier i think.

In Topic: The new Panasonic G7

20 May 2015 - 03:01 AM

Though i am wondering how they'd compare for pure photography perspective (regardless of video, i mean)

In Topic: Snorkelling advice in Trinidad?

31 March 2015 - 12:53 PM

Thanks TQA, good to know it's not worth exploring too much in Trinidad.

In Topic: Snorkelling advice in Trinidad?

20 March 2015 - 05:33 AM

I thought i'd share my experience after having been there.


The best place to be would be, according to locals, the Tobago island, where you do have nice reefs and clear water. The Speyside beach came highly recommended (more than some other spots that got famous after Cousteau, but degradated since then).


If you're stuck in Trinidad like me, well there's a part of the coast covered with mangroves that is a bit special (i did snorkel mangrove in Bali and liked it though).

My free time was very limited, but i went to some of the northern beaches:


1/ Maracas Bay.

Quite a large & beautiful beach, with a fishing village on the rocky west side. That's the place which came recommended for snorkelling as you could see baby sharks there.

Wheather was bad so i had terrible viz and not sufficient time to properly investigate, but there's probably some potential.

One thing to note is they serve "bake'n'shark" (shark burgers) on that beach, and you can see the reminders of shark heads on the beach, they attract the local vultures, plus quite a few pelicans.

I was sad to see one baby hammerhead's head in particular... But at least the locals are eating the whole fish, not just taking fins.


2/ Las Cuevas Bay

Beautiful beach, and here the rocky side + fishing village is on the eastern side.

On this one i spent more time snorkelling, but even going ~200/300 meters, you don't get much depth (3 meters max), and the viz was also terrible (due to weather? i don't know).

Underwater i saw small black fishes and sponges, i'll see if i have any decent picutre, doubt it.


3/ Blanchisseuse Bay

Litterally means "laundry lady" in French, i let you guess the sea conditions then - i haven't been there.


That's it for my very limited exploration (4 hours).

Bottom-line: if you're in Trinidad, it's recommended to take the cheap flights to Tobago (20+ flights daily, 25mins distance, 48 USD round-trip).




In Topic: Olympus 60mm macro focus distance display.

15 January 2015 - 09:47 AM

On a similar note, i wish sooo badly that Oly would let you select the focusing range electronically, as the lens switch isn't accessible while in a housing.
I've sent them the suggestion months ago, no feedback...