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In Topic: Nikon D500 DX camera first impressions underwater.

16 June 2016 - 12:14 PM

Hi there,

I thought i would share my joy to be playing with this nice camera in ergonomic Nauticam housing! 

Since i haven't used other recent Nikon DSLRs underwater i wouldn't be well placed to compare, but i can just say i love how the autofocus reacts in difficult conditions.

Below is a picture i was happy to capture due to the rarity of the fish (scabbard fish i think). which normally lives hundreds of meters deep where i am, sometimes rises close to surface for hunting at night). This encounter was in difficult conditions (1 meter viz at night, he was swimming around me attracted by my focus light beam). 

D500 autofocus was spot on the eye though it was quite close (no cropping).




In Topic: WTB Nikon D300s housing with or without ports and flahes

15 June 2016 - 01:50 PM

Hi Col, i have the nauticam one to sell, are you interested in the camera as well?

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In Topic: which brand(s) for reliable clamps

03 June 2016 - 05:32 AM

Hi all,


I have just received my 4 new Nauticam clamps, and I must say I love them!

They are bit bigger than the ULCS but weight the exact same on land (75 grams), let’s see if my housing’s buoyancy gets changed underwater (I had managed perfectly neutral rig, so it will be easy to tell). I think the metal parts are thinner that’s why.


At the same time, following Gifenk and Okuma’s advice, I have replaced my arms’ balls o-rings by Nauticam’s spare blue o-rings, I mean these ones:



I wanted to do the same for my Inon Z240 ball’s o-ring, I mean these ones:


Although it seemed to me that the Inon o-rings were larger than the Nauticam. When attached to the Inon ball, they also seemed to protrude more, and then I believe to better protect the ball, and possibly ensure a tighter grip.

In fact, Inon are disclosing the precise diameter of their ball joint: 24mm/0.9" (http://www.inon.jp/products/armsystem/arm.html).

I couldn’t find the precise figure for Nauticam’s o-rings.

Visually, it seems the ULCS o-rings are also of a different size (different from Nauticam and Inon).


I had the false impression that all ball mounts were about same size (I mean among reputable manufacturers) and that associated o-rings would be interchangeable.


Would you recommend that I buy the (apparently larger) Inon o-rings to replace those on my Inon balls?

If Inon’s o-rings are indeed larger, would you see any issue in using them on my ULCS and Nauticam strobe arms? I am thinking that if they are larger, they might provide a tighter grip with less effort. Thoughts?




In Topic: Inon Z240 cannot "see" red light signal from Nauticam LED flash trigger?

03 June 2016 - 03:10 AM

hi all,


I have received my 2 new Nauticam fiber optic cables, and i can confirm they worked like a charm in triggering my strobes from the new Nauticam system!

Comparing them to my previous un-branded fiber optic cables, i can definitely acknowledge that the quality is much higher. At least this is my perception when holiding them.

In fact, i also had an opportunity to try a friend's Inon fiber optic, which also worked well, though it feels a tad less robus than the nauticam one.


So quality of the cable matters when using the new Nauticam LED triggering system, but i guess that's what it takes to sustain 50 000 flashes with just two CR2032 batteries. I am very happy with this setup, which i will try in water tomorrow.


I would like to thank all of you guys who provided advice in this thread, and also in particular my dealer, Alex Tattersall from Nauticam.co.uk, and his partner for the french market Frederic Bourau (Nauticamfr.com): they have been very helpful in getting me the housing quickly, and very supportive in investigating and fixing the fiber optic issue.

In Topic: Nikon D500 DX camera first impressions underwater.

02 June 2016 - 04:09 AM

Gentlemen, can we post high res pictures on here rather than linking to Facebook please.


The images on there are low res and compressed and to be honest prove absolutely nothing about the camera's performance!


Many thanks



hi Adam, if i take any decent photos this weekend i'll be happy to share here.

Any suggestion on how to upload photos on this thread for relevant quality assessment? I see the file size is limited to 1000 KB. If there's any lightroom setting you may recommend please do.