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In Topic: Wanted Cylinder style camera housing

01 May 2015 - 01:59 AM


Try http://www.aditech-u...ion-search.html
They have some cylindrical housings & ROVs.

I have never used their products but they seem to do more technical underwater products than others.

In Topic: Color Grading in Premiere Pro, would you use it?

17 April 2015 - 11:06 AM

The built in color correction tool in Premiere use to be slow and sucks. So I tried the Davinci Resolve route, which require you to use Premiere to put together your sequence, then run through Davinci to do the color, then run back to Premiere for the final transition editing and publish. Davinci is fast and powerful, and FREE. It's the industry standard for color grading. But the round trip between Davinci and Premiere makes the workflow kind of messy.
With the new update in Premiere, it looks like the built in color correction plug in is faster, so should be good for 4K editing. Not sure when the new Premiere update will be available. It's just announced, so perhaps it's rolling out in the US then to Asia later?

With Davinci Resolve 11 & now 12 To be released in July you don't really need to use other editors & thus you can do without the round tripping between an editor & resolve. I used 11 and it has got enough editing features for underwater production I believe. And as you said, it is one of the most powerful color grading software on the market.

In Topic: New Lights

10 April 2015 - 01:45 AM

Hi David,

Thanks for the review & blog & looking forward to seeing some footage using such lights. Honestly, I've never used video lights before & I always believed that ambient lighting should be good enough for most shooting conditions until I used the Black Magic 4K. Here I get into a situations sometimes when trying to shoot a critter in the shades of a rock/reef the camera clips the lights in the sun let area and it is very hard to correct for such a lost info.
So, for the reviewed lights, do they have hotspots or do they spread the light evenly? How about the CRI? Any rating?

In Topic: How would an 8 inch dome perform with an 16mm FF equivalent fast lens?

03 February 2015 - 09:38 AM

Hi Drew, Thanks for correcting me. The crop factor is actually 1.39 and I totally forgot to multiply by it. So here what I think the equation off Speed Booster For Canon EF (full frame lenses) which has a magnification of 0.71 and sony Super35 mm which has a crop factor of 1.39:

FF lens focal length x Speed Booster magnification x Crop factor = Full Frame equivalent Focal Length
In my case at the widest 16mm:
16 x 0.71 x 1.39 = 15.79 almost 16mm FF
At the full Zoom 35mm:
35 x 0.71 x 1.39 = 34.54 almost 36mm FF

Therefore, the speed booster from Metabones gives me the advantage of a FF lens on a Super35 :)
It also makes the lens faster by one f-stop. My 2.8 becomes a 2.0 :)
I have asked on the Sony community about the corner sharpness when using the speed booster and got a confirmation that it is good. And as you've said for motion/video it will not be noticeable.
With this setup, in air, the lens doesn't show distortion at the widest and it produces a little wider feild of view than the 12mm Zeiss.
Do you mean the distortion will be more obvious behind the dome in water?

Kevin Palmer, who is a very supportive customer oriented person, from Reefphoto has replied to an email I sent to him yesterday clarifying that he took those stills with the Zeiss 12 mm behind a 7 inch dome at 5.6-8f. Now the 12mm on 1.5 crop factor is equal 18mm FF. The images that he produced were amazingly sharp and distortion free.

Please remember I am not using video lights and that I'd like to take advantage of the fast lens I am using. I know it's quite a challenge.

Drew, is it possible to correct the 11mm to 16mm in the post title?

In Topic: Help! I'm going blind

24 October 2014 - 09:37 AM

Does it make you swim around in circles? :)

Actually, I think it does Peter :)
Last time I used the lens I got separated from my buddy and ended up where I started the dive. Just kidding. It really works. I am used to wearing contact lenses and it solves the reading/focus issue for me which is a big challenge when you only have the option of manual focus on cameras such as Blackmagic cameras.
I hope others can benefit from this solution.