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Yesterday, 07:57 AM

I'm curious if anyone has started to do a breakdown on the current 4k options at the prosumer level with housing options already on the market or announced. I've seen a number of mentions on specific cameras but no comparisons, so I will start with listing what is currently available to my knowledge, and what we know of that might be interesting down the line.  If you feel inclined, please comment with additions, pro/cons, opinions, experiences, etc:
Sony FDR-AX100 - Aditech Housing available (anyone have experience with this housing manufacture?)
Sony FDR-AX1 - Gates Z100 housing compatible 
Sony PXW-Z100 - Gates housing available, Nauticam to release housing in next 6 months
Sony NEX-FS700 - Subal housing available
Blackmagic Cinema - Nauticam housing available 
Blackmagic Production - Nauticam housing available
Panasonic GH4 - Selux announced housing, possible Nauticam GH3 fit
Canon 1DC - Aquatica, Nauticam, Sealux housings available
I'm sure I have missed a number of cameras and housings, so please add to the list.  If you have experience shooting any of these, insight would be welcomed. 
Beyond this the it looks like prices start to go through the roof for full setups such as a Sony F-5/55 or the RED Cameras.  The AJA CION certainly looks like an interesting camera as well, but who knows when it will be released followed by a housing, though I would suspect some of the housing manufacturers are already working on this one.  

Black Magic cinema camera is not a 4k it is a 2.5k

I already bought the BMPC 4k hence it will offer lossless raw recording internally. No need for external recorders/monitors. I've got the BMCC as well so the transition for me was easy :). I making a custom universal housing.

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16 April 2014 - 04:57 AM

Really promising cameras.
add to this 13 stops of dynamic range in HD & 12 stops in 4k :) for the mini

If you stick in a mini ipad in the same housing u can have some nice controls & a view monitor as well.
Housing one of those babies would be my 2015 challenge project :)

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In Topic: AJA CION looks interesting

16 April 2014 - 04:52 AM

Agree with both point of you guys.

KineMini 4k would really be interesting future option for me too. For now the BMCC & BMPC 4k are good enough options for me since I have both :). Form factor is small enough & I am custom making locally a universal housing that I hope can house other future cameras as well. :)

In Topic: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Yes there will be housings!

06 March 2014 - 03:55 AM

Hi Espen,

Sultans says thanks & would like know if there are good diving sites near Burgeon as he is planning a trip to Norway this summer.
Thanks in advance :)

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05 March 2014 - 05:24 AM

How do you find the low light with the sensor? at what depth before the LCD display becomes too difficult to differentiate details. I dove recently with the BMPCC at Palau. Mixed results. I was shooting raw at 2K. A good friend of mine who is a colorist advise to shoot with film picture style so what I see from the uploaded footage was very washed out. When he ran it through Da vinci resolve I was so surprised to see so much color depth and details could be pulled out from RAW. I would love to learn how the BMCC 4K fare. Oh one thing i find when shooting ambient light is to use a light red filter. The magic filter for video works quite well. What you want to avoid is total lost of the red channel. With 4K raw you can really do a lot to color balance and fix the footage before final edit. I am sure you know that anyways. 

Yes. It is astonishing how much color depth you can get from the 2.5k BMCC RAW. The 4k is still ProRes. Can't wait for the RAW which is a firmware upgrade and I hope it come before summer :). Hence they have already got Pocket version camera shooting lossless compressed RAW. My expectation NAB 2014 should be the optimistic date for 4K Raw:)

BMCC low light performance is really good and the 4K BMPC is not on bar due to Global shutter.

For the monitor in Sultan's housing it is visible all the time hence there is plenty of shade. The trick is to put the display in VIDEO mode and BRIGHTNESS at 100%. The camera will still shoot FILM & Raw.

I will try to post some frame or clip after the weekend :)