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In Topic: Newb 'Purple Haze' Question

17 March 2017 - 07:30 PM

I am glad you were able to fix the issue. Can you elaborate on what gamma did you use and how did you fix it?

In Topic: Newb 'Purple Haze' Question

10 March 2017 - 08:25 PM

What video codec you are using?
My friend had a similar issue with his Sony FS100/FS700, I think. It is discussed in detail on this forum. This haze (halo rings) only appears when shooting a subject in a blue water column like your manta shot.
I think it is to do with low bit rate of the codec and thus the compression of data causes such bad rendering of the blue water background. XAVC-S is better suited for video on the a6000 (50 Mbps).
check this link:
If you are already using XAVC-S, then try different color gamma.

In Topic: GoPro Karma v. DJI Mavic - opinions from the perspective of the underwater ph...

09 March 2017 - 11:16 PM

Some nice shots you've got. Especially the sunset :)
I always wanted to link the top part of planet earth with the under. I feel it'll give more meaning to the viewer. But haven't got time to learn an new tool :(

In Topic: Sony PXW-FS7 underwater

13 February 2017 - 10:54 PM

Hi Thani,
Thank you again for excellent explanation and recommendation.
You said before "Zenunderwater 200mm (8") dome all the times - no other ports were used even for close-up shots".
In spite of that, I thought that you have some experience with Macroport or Plan Port (produced by SeaLux) which is recommended for macro objective like Canon 100,

 I have not used Sealux macro nor plan ports for macro on the FS7 setup. If you are shooting Macro ONLY, there is an advantage.


what I read out of Thani's setup description is that he only used the Zen dome, not any macro specific port. And to be honest I only bother to take a macroport if I know I spend a larger number of dives during any given trip with muck.

Agreed. I came across this interesting article that says dome ports can be used for both Wide & Macro. And since flat ports can only be specific to macro - not for wide angle shots, I prefer the dome for more versatility. This works well for the Sigma 17-70mm mentioned above.

In Topic: Sony PXW-FS7 underwater

12 February 2017 - 10:01 AM

Thank you a lot for your extensive review!
It seems that you prefer  Sigma APS-C 17-70mm more than Canon EF 16-35mm which is double expensive objective. As you said, Sigma is All in One as it has wide and macro in the same - that sound beter to me. Also you do not need Close Up lens, so it is one optical element less!
I am planing (but still thinking about) to buy FS7 and Sealux, As there are strict financial limit :) I have to take final decision withught experimenting. Anyhow, it will be excellent if you have time and make a film how to set up all parts together!
I was told how it is quite tricky to put Sony monitor inside a housing - one user suggested me to have two monitors, so to always have one ready inside and one for recording out of the water - what is your experience?
Do you have experience with Macroport and Planport?

Regarding the lens usage, I use the versatile Sigma mentioned above when I am diving a site that I expect to have both close-up - wide shots (not super wide).or I am diving unknown site. The canon 16-35mm F4 is a wonderful super wide angle that's very sharp and much easier to focus than the Sigma. I use it for school of fish, wricks, big underwater structure. I always ask few questions before deciding what lens to use for my next dive.

The Sony monitor once installed in a housing, you'll want to leave there until you return from your trip. If you plan to shoot land based (above water) with the same camera on the same day, then you need another monitor. So the recommendation given to you is correct in this case. Installing it is not a difficult job and takes around 5-10 minutes. So if you have a full day of land based shooting, you can remove it and install back before your next diving day.

I am out of country on a business trip - doing my real job - not as fun as diving though :)
When I am back I'll try my best to get a simple video done on the setup. I am quite a busy man :(

"Do you have experience with Macroport and Planport?"
Can you explain what do you mean please?