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To light, or not to light, that is the question

22 October 2016 - 09:29 AM


As the topic clearly states, I'd like to start a healthy debate on lighting when shooting video underwater. I really don't use lights for many reasons such as we shoot in water with many particles/planktons, I don't shoot at night, I don't like to disturb the creatures, etc...
I would like to leave the reasoning for the forum members.
I will try to start a poll and if I couldn't, I'd like the administrator to help in setting up the poll. The questions about when is lighting more effective.
1) do you use lights all the times?
2) do use lights for macro only?
3) or you don't use lights at all?

In the reply to the topic, members can elaborate on the reasons for or against lighting.


Before housing the Sony FS7, help me

28 November 2015 - 01:36 PM

I would like to know if anybody tried the Sony FS7 underwater. The only footage I could find is a swimming pool clip done by Sealux. I have bought their housings before and I was happy with the build quality of German engineering. I wish they would try the camera in real environment like other manufacturers do :).

I am concerned of the following:
> Does the camera perform good white balance underwater?,
> Does it execute good color rendition unlike the FS100 & FS700 that exhibited color science issues as I recall? I think this camera is an XDCAM similar to the EX1& 3 family.
> Low light performance.

What attracts me to this camera is the following:
+ Metabones speed booster which produces almost FF equivalent enabling better wide angle usage,
+ Good dynamic range,
+ 10 bit 422 makes the footage tolerance for color correction.
+ Availability of both S-log, standard & hyper gammas as options,
+ Slo-motion

I would like to hear from you guys on what you think of this camera even if you haven't tried it.

Thank you in advance :)