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#391885 Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

Posted by gobiodon on 31 January 2018 - 08:00 AM

Hi friends,


I'm considering a Sony A6500 in a Nauticam housing, but I have a lot of doubts about the strobes.


1- I want to use my actual Ikelite strobes DS160 and DS161. It seems the TTL will work only with fiber optic cables, am I wrong?


2- If that is true, there is no Nauticam led trigger to avoid the recycle time of the internal camera flashlight.

Do someone knows if the Fantasea one (http://www.fantasea..../it.A/id.748/.f) will WORK and FIT into Nauticam A6500 housing??


3- If in the future i want to replace the Ikelite strobes for Inon Z330 or Z240: can I use the same fiber optic cables? do i have to purchase anything else?


Sorry if someone thinks these are silly questions, but I'm coming from a Nikon reflex, Ikelite housing and wired strobes, so I'm really lost in the compatibility setup, changing EVERYTHING.


Any answer will be very helpfull for me, thanks!!



Why do you exclude the ikelite housing? It would support perfectly your strobes.

#362922 sony 30mm macro with wide/fisheye adapter

Posted by gobiodon on 05 July 2015 - 04:43 AM

I’ve been using an interesting lens combination for wide angle macro photography. I probably won’t use it underwater in the near future but I thought it could be interesting for the UW folks here. First I combined the sel30M35 macro lens with the fisheye adapter (VCL-ECF1) originally designed for the 16mm lens. It makes the angle of view much wider (around 15mm) but still keeps the macro capabilities of the lens including background blur. Photos have nice bokeh, quite different than a wide angle lens. Lighting can be complicated and you have to stop down a lot (minimum f16). I’ve written a blog post about it a while ago:



You may also check some additional mantis photos on flickr, just to have an idea:




Recently I’m experimenting with the ultra wide (weitwinkel) adapter VCL-ECU1. It’s not that wide but easier to take photos and the bokeh is nicer. I’m not sure, which port could take this combo , since it’s long and it definitely needs a dome port.

Nevertheless, I would be happy to see somebody trying this out also underwater.





#354616 60mm VS 100mm DOF

Posted by gobiodon on 24 November 2014 - 12:09 AM

In my blog I made a comparision of 30mm, 50mm and 100mm macro lenses taking the same subject at approx. the same magnification:



You will see that the DOF is the same in all 3 cases (at given F number) but the perspective is completely different. Check especially the relationship with the background (not just the background blur and the field of view, but how the close subject behind the main one looks).

They were taken not underwater but I hope it's helpful.

#337234 What type of fiber optic cable for DIY sync cable

Posted by gobiodon on 20 September 2013 - 12:42 AM

I want to make a long (about 3 meter) fiber optic sync cord (L-type see & sea ends) to use with an off camera strobe (for snoot photography).  I do not want to use a remote slave trigger ( such as the Triggerfish).  I have found a source for See & Sea compatible end caps that will accomodate a 2.0mm external diameter fiber optic cable.  I need to find out the best type of fiber optic cable to use for this application, and a place where I can order this cable.  If any of you can offer any insight on the type of cable rquired, I would appreciate it!  Thanks, Doug

Check this:


The  2mm diameter fiber is not so flexible. Maybe the 1mm is enough. If you want to curl your filament, check this link:




#329669 DIY curled optical cable

Posted by gobiodon on 13 April 2013 - 07:12 AM

It was a topic before to make DIY optical cables. There were suggestions to simply use optical fibers as cheap options. There are many dealer selling it per meter.

To make the length variable, the fibers can be curled. Previously I tried to use a hair drier to form the fibers but I've just found the hot water approach better. I gave a detailed description on how to curl optical fibers on my blog:




I haven't tried it underwater but it should work well.