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sony 30mm macro with wide/fisheye adapter

05 July 2015 - 04:43 AM

I’ve been using an interesting lens combination for wide angle macro photography. I probably won’t use it underwater in the near future but I thought it could be interesting for the UW folks here. First I combined the sel30M35 macro lens with the fisheye adapter (VCL-ECF1) originally designed for the 16mm lens. It makes the angle of view much wider (around 15mm) but still keeps the macro capabilities of the lens including background blur. Photos have nice bokeh, quite different than a wide angle lens. Lighting can be complicated and you have to stop down a lot (minimum f16). I’ve written a blog post about it a while ago:



You may also check some additional mantis photos on flickr, just to have an idea:




Recently I’m experimenting with the ultra wide (weitwinkel) adapter VCL-ECU1. It’s not that wide but easier to take photos and the bokeh is nicer. I’m not sure, which port could take this combo , since it’s long and it definitely needs a dome port.

Nevertheless, I would be happy to see somebody trying this out also underwater.